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Uncertain As To Where Your Life Is Headed?

Ever feel like life is one fork in the road after another? Just as soon as you’ve gone one direction, God seems to change the course and has you go a completely different way. We’ll engage in a fascinating discussion about how that was true with Drs. Paul and Margaret Brand.

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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

At times, we all experience pain. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual . . . suffering seems to be an inescapable part of life. The story of Drs. Paul and Margaret Brand and how they grappled with the question . . . Why does God allow suffering?


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Let’s Take Time Today To Reflect On The Deeper Meaning Of Christmas

For many people, December 25 is nothing more than a day set aside to exchange extravagant gifts. It’s become an oasis, of sorts, in the midst of the cold, dreary season. Well, this Christmas Day, take some time to reflect on the deeper meaning of Christmas . . . God coming to earth to live among us.


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