Archives: December 2006

An Authentic Look At The Conflicts That Test Our Character Part 64

Students groan when presented with a pop quiz or final exam. And we don’t respond much differently when life sends trials our way. Perhaps you’re struggling with a difficult situation right now.


Let’s Uncover The Ways God Reveals Himself To Us Part 65

Everyone’s journey of faith is uniquely scripted. We start out knowing a little bit about God, but as we experience Him through the different trials and joys of life, our understanding grows deeper. Perhaps you’re having trouble seeing God in your present circumstance.

There Are Difficulties In Letting Go, Whether Your Child Is In Kindergarten Or College Part 66

It’s difficult to release our children into God’s care, isn’t it? But as parents, that’s what we’re called to do, as we send them off into the world.

An Honest Look At How Our Perceptions Color The Way We Live Part 67

Ever ponder the assumptions we make about God? “Well, the God I know would never allow me to lose my job or give me a spouse who’d have an affair.” And the list goes on and on.

Maybe You’re Wondering Right Now – If We Aren’t In Control, Is There Someone Who Is? Part 68

Most of us like to feel we’re in control of our lives. And yet, no matter how hard we try, circumstances come that we’d never expected. Let's talk about the ups and downs in life.

Wondering Why God Has Allowed You To Suffer Through A Painful Circumstance? Part 69

The life of faith isn’t always black and white. It’s a mystery. In fact, sometimes it’s difficult to see God’s design behind the trials we’re forced to endure.

An Insightful Dialogue On Testing Part 70

More often than not, we don’t fully understand God’s ultimate purpose for the trials in our lives. But during those difficult times, we can hold on to the truth that God can bring good out of our pain. Perhaps you’re going through tough times right now. Find encouragement on today.  


Deeping Our Friendship With God Part 71

Who do you go to when something big happens? A spouse? A best friend? By going through trials and joys together, our relationships deepen.


Are We Following God Because We Love Him, Or Because Of What He Can Offer In Return? Part 72

What’s your view of God? A cosmic Santa Claus, of sorts? Someone who rewards you for good behavior?

Is God Enough? A Thought-provoking Discussion On This Profound Question Part 73

Now, here’s an honest question. Is God enough? Without the promise of good health, financial security, even the promise of Heaven . . . is God enough?

What If God Asked You . . . “am I Enough?” Part 74

Often we want God plus something else . . . God and a husband, or God and a healthy family. But what if God asked you . . . “Am I enough? Even without these blessings?”


Examining Decisions We Make When We’re Caught Up In The Moment Part 75

Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment road trip, or responding to an eloquent speaker at a conference . . . spontaneity can be exhilarating. But sometimes the choices we make on the fly aren’t the best in the long run.


Do You Feel Like You’ve Got A Long Way To Go In Your Relationship With God? Part 76

When we see God consistently come through for us over time, our trust in Him grows. We aren’t expected to take huge leaps of faith early on . . . instead our faith grows over time.


The Implications Of Believing In God’s Victory Over Death Part 77

Death is a source of fear for many people. It’s something none of us can avoid. And yet, Christ has conquered death! It’s a profound statement that deeply affects each of our lives.

Having A Hard Time Sharing Christ With Others? Part 78

For many of us, declaring our faith in front of an audience is a frightening prospect. In an unbelieving culture, it can be difficult to boldly share your beliefs.