Archives: September 2007

The Unconditional Love Of God Part 13

Our parents raised most of us to believe that nothing in life is free. Everything has a price. Accept the challenge to re-think this age-old notion.

Do You Want A Faith That’s Real, Alive, And Making A Difference? Part 14

Would you describe your faith walk as vibrant? Exciting? Or . . . have you grown stagnant? Encouragement to demonstrate your faith by actions.

What A Real Christian Looks Like Part 15

Many people profess to believe in God. But how do you know they really follow God with all their heart? It’s more than just lip service. Faith is made evident in a changed life.

There’s A Link Between Trusting God And Waiting For His Plan To Unfold Part 16

In a culture of fast food, Internet, and cell phones . . . patience isn’t necessarily considered a virtue. And yet, life rarely unfolds on our preferred timetable. Perhaps you’re waiting on God right now.

An Insightful Look At God’s Timing In Our Lives Part 17

Waiting isn’t easy. We find ourselves pleading with God for quick answers. Constantly wondering if today will be the day. Perhaps you’re waiting on God right now.

No Matter What You’ve Done . . . There’s Hope For Your Life Part 18

If you read the accounts of people in the Bible . . . you’ll find that human nature hasn’t changed! Even the ancient saints made mistakes. And more often than not, they didn’t deserve the blessings God granted. A discussion on God’s mercy.

Hope To Those In Bondage To Their Past Part 19

Every one of us has carried baggage from our past into our relationships. Perhaps you’ve gone through abuse, neglect . . . or the consequences of poor choices. Find encouragement on breaking free.

Encouragement To Put Your Faith In God Even When The Odds Are Stacked Against You Part 20

Overcoming impossible situations is a recurring theme in the Bible. Like the battle of Jericho . . . a victory won against all odds.

A Challenge To Trust The Credibility Of God’s Word Part 21

Some of the stories in the Bible feel more like fairy tales than true history. It’s easy to simply pass them off as a myth.

The Unfolding Drama As The Israelites Approached Jericho With God On Their Side Part 22

Travel back to ancient Jericho. Rumors were flying all around the city that a great army was coming against it. The doors to the city were barred and the walls were fortified with troops.

Finding It Difficult To Trust God With The Unknowns? Part 23

Some people enjoy taking risks, the thrill of the unexplored venture, while others prefer to play it safe. Let's take a look at the risks involved in the life of faith.

A Look At The Issue Of Idolatry In The Old Testament And How It Applies To Us In The Twenty-first Century Part 24

When reading the Bible . . . we often find cultural differences which make it difficult to understand how to apply the principles to our lives today.

Valuable Insight Into The Second Biblical Commandment Prohibiting Idolatry Part 25

Often the circumstances in the Bible seem foreign to us. But when we understand the history and culture surrounding the text, the Bible comes to life with principles that apply even to us today.

Having A Hard Time Standing Your Ground When Everyone Around You Claims You’re Wrong? Part 26

It’s difficult to live the Christian life in a culture that’s set against all you believe. A look at the recurring theme of idolatry throughout the Old Testament.

A New Perspective On The Biblical Issue Of Idolatry Part 27

The pressure of fitting in to the culture around us is very real. . . . a bigger house, a nicer car, lavish vacations . . . it’s difficult to not be pulled into the materialistic view our culture subscribes to.