Archives: December 2007

A Insightful Look Into Two Brilliant Minds Of The Twentieth Century

Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis -- a stark contrast in worldviews.

How C.s. Lewis Became A Devout Follower Of Jesus Christ

Perhaps you’re searching for answers to whether God really does exist . . . or you may have a loved one struggling with doubt.

The Contrasting Views Of Sigmund Freud And C. S. Lewis

Pain is a part of life. And for many, it’s difficult to reconcile the suffering in the world, to the existence of a loving, benevolent God. Special guest Dr. Armand Nicholi address the problem of pain.

A Fascinating Comparison Between The Worldviews Of Sigmund Freud And C. S. Lewis

The debate about the existence of God has occupied men and women for centuries.

Reflect On The Significance Of Christmas And Rekindle Your Joy This Holiday Season

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So often, Christmas day signals the end of a chaotic December . . . and little more. This Christmas day, enjoy a special edition of “Discover the Word.”

Let’s Look At The Gospel Of John To Discover The Life-changing Power Of Christmas!

Christmas represents far more than just shiny packages beneath the tree. It’s a significant celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Celebrate With Us The Birth Of Jesus . . . And Stay Focused On This History-making Event

With all the commercial distractions of the season, it’s easy to lose sight of what actually happened on the very first Christmas.  God becoming man . . . to live among us!

Learn More About The One Who Was Born On The Very First Christmas

The holiday season can be over-run with hard work . . . like putting up the Christmas lights, hosting parties, and then there’s the rush to get gifts under the tree. Set aside some time to be refreshed.

Celebrate The Real Reason For The Season, A King Is Born!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by reindeer and Santa Claus sightings? This Christmas, take a few moments to enjoy the refreshing dialog on the real reason for the season.

Let’s Examine The Story And Meaning Of The Birth Of Christ

As Christmas approaches, we’re overwhelmed with shopping, decorating our home, and entertaining family and friends. But in the middle of all those demands, it’s important to reserve time to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

The Reality Of Forgiveness . . . And The Consequences Of Taking Your Own Path

Was there a time in your life when you chose to follow your own way instead of God’s? It’s possible you’re struggling with some life-changing decisions right now.

Are Some Actions Unforgivable? Hear The Truth About Redemption

We all make mistakes. But perhaps you’re in a place where forgiveness doesn’t seem to be an option. The offense is just too great.

A New Perspective To Get You Through The Tough Times

It’s easy to get caught up in the difficult circumstances of life, and miss seeing the good that comes out of hardship.

The Story Of A Man Who Seemed Lost Forever

Some people seem to make bad choices over and over again, until they’re so far off course you wonder if they’ll ever recover.  Perhaps you’re stuck in your own regret today.

Feel Like You’re Beyond Redemption?

We’ve all made mistakes we regret. Perhaps you’re living out the consequences of a recent decision. But hope is not lost! Let us introduce you to the “God of second chances.”