Archives: September 2008

Discover What The Bible Says About Heaven And Hell Part 11

What happens after we die? Is there such a thing as life after death? Death is inescapable so let's take time to explore these intriguing questions.

What It Takes And Doesn’t Take To Get Into Heaven Part 12

Some people seem to have it all together, but what about one minute after they die?

Let's Take A Look At Life After Death And Our Power To Choose Part 13

When it comes to our eternal destiny, each of us has an important choice to make. Do we accept Jesus and join Him in Heaven, or deny Him and spend eternity in torment?

Rediscover The Powerful Truths Presented In Scripture Part 14

For those of us who’ve grown up in the church, it can be easy to think we’ve learned all we can from the Bible.

Discover The Importance Of Taking God’s Word To Heart Part 15

Perhaps you’ve read the Bible cover to cover, you’ve memorized the key verses, but have you let the Scriptures affect the way you live?

Will You Follow God, Or Turn Your Back On Him? Part 16

Each of us has a choice to make, and the result of this decision will affect us in this life and the next! Discover all you need to make this all-important decision.

Letting The Scriptures Change Our Actions And Attitudes Part 17

It’s not always easy to put God’s Word into practice in our lives. Take a practical look at the life-changing Scriptures.

Looking To God’s Word For Guidance On Putting Spiritual Things Over Material Things Part 18

Whether you have a lot of money, or a little, you may be tempted to let your checkbook control your life. Discover help from the Scriptures to adjust your perspective.

The Differences Between Material And Spiritual Wealth And Sharing Our Riches With Others Part 19

Our culture praises those who have accumulated wealth and prestige, but in God’s economy, money is looked on very differently.

Investing In Things That Have Eternal Value Part 20

We live in a consumer-driven society, where the accumulation of wealth is high priority. And yet, we can’t take our possessions beyond the grave. Discover greater things than the stock market to invest in.

The Biblical Road Map That Leads To Life Beyond The Grave Part 21

The graveyard gives a sense of permanency. To the casual observer, death represents the end of the long road of life. The grave isn’t the last stop on our journey! There’s hope ahead.

What Jesus Says About Heaven And Hell And What That Means For Us Part 22

We get into dangerous territory when we look to the New Testament to find out what lies beyond death’s door.

How The Choices We Make Each Day Define Our Life Now, And For Eternity Part 23

How many choices do we make each day? Hundreds? Perhaps thousands? No matter how many options you sort through every hour, there’s one that will define your life.

Discover The Connection Between Poverty And The Kingdom Of Heaven Part 24

Jesus said, Blessed are the poor because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. But what does that mean to our generation? How can we reconcile Jesus’ words with our money-hungry culture?

Discover A New Perspective On Wealth Part 25

In our culture, there are widely held ideas of wealth and poverty. But in God’s economy, riches aren’t measured in stock market numbers or in the square footage of your home. Spiritually speaking, abundance comes in the form of joy, peace and the kingdom of heaven.