Archives: September 2008

Taking A Look At God’s Remarkable Forgiveness

When someone has hurt us, it isn’t always easy to forgive. And yet God extends us His grace and forgiveness every single day.

Receiving What God Has Already Done!

No matter how hard we try, we can’t work our way into God’s good graces. It isn’t our church attendance or how often we pray that defines a life of faith.

Discover The Hope And Help Found In The Bible

Let's go back to the basics of the gospel. If you need fresh wind in your sails today, perhaps a little encouragement and perspective, join the conversation . . . it’s all about strengthening your faith.

An Interesting Look At The Battle For The Mind

There’s a battle that has raged for centuries, between the ideas of the world and the truth of Scripture. Discover how the doctrines of Scripture hold up to other religious ideas of the ages.

Enjoy An Inspirational Day Devoted To Scripture

Scripture is the centerpiece of ministry. Open God’s Word and discuss, challenge, and apply a passage.

Discover A New Perspective On God’s Grace

Focus in on a topic that’ll change the rest of your life. It’s the free gift of salvation. Discover that though salvation is free, it isn’t easy. And it isn’t cheap.

Can Jesus’ Words To The Rich Man Really Be For Us?

If you spend time reading the Bible, you know that the commands and wisdom can be directly applied to us today. But what should we do when we read Jesus’ words to the rich man . . . sell all your possessions, give to the poor and follow me?

Discover A New Perspective On Wealth

In our culture, there are widely held ideas of wealth and poverty. But in God’s economy, riches aren’t measured in stock market numbers or in the square footage of your home. Spiritually speaking, abundance comes in the form of joy, peace and the kingdom of heaven.

Discover The Connection Between Poverty And The Kingdom Of Heaven

Jesus said, Blessed are the poor because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. But what does that mean to our generation? How can we reconcile Jesus’ words with our money-hungry culture?

How The Choices We Make Each Day Define Our Life Now, And For Eternity

How many choices do we make each day? Hundreds? Perhaps thousands? No matter how many options you sort through every hour, there’s one that will define your life.

What Jesus Says About Heaven And Hell And What That Means For Us

We get into dangerous territory when we look to the New Testament to find out what lies beyond death’s door.

The Biblical Road Map That Leads To Life Beyond The Grave

The graveyard gives a sense of permanency. To the casual observer, death represents the end of the long road of life. The grave isn’t the last stop on our journey! There’s hope ahead.

Investing In Things That Have Eternal Value

We live in a consumer-driven society, where the accumulation of wealth is high priority. And yet, we can’t take our possessions beyond the grave. Discover greater things than the stock market to invest in.

The Differences Between Material And Spiritual Wealth And Sharing Our Riches With Others

Our culture praises those who have accumulated wealth and prestige, but in God’s economy, money is looked on very differently.

Looking To God’s Word For Guidance On Putting Spiritual Things Over Material Things

Whether you have a lot of money, or a little, you may be tempted to let your checkbook control your life. Discover help from the Scriptures to adjust your perspective.