Archives: October 2008

Do You Wrestle With The Issue Of Sin In The Life Of The Faithful Follower Of God?

No matter how hard we try, we can’t be all good all the time. Is that where God rescues us? A little faith in a great God makes all the difference!

How Our Faith Is, Or Isn’t, Evident In The Way We Live

Are your personal beliefs easily seen in the way you live your life?

Discover What It Means To Live An Authentic Life Of Faith In God

Some people turn their back on faith because of the hypocrisy they’ve seen in church. And yet, the church is made up of imperfect people, who fail to accurately reflect God’s character.

An Insightful Discussion On The Existence Of God The Creator

Does God truly exist? Who created the world and everything in it? Those are questions we all have to answer one way or the other.

Is Faith In God A Leap Into The Unknown?

For some, this question determines whether to embrace a life with God, or spend a life without Him. Let's tackle this significant question. Perhaps you, or a loved one, are having trouble taking that leap of faith.

Why Faith Isn’t A Blind Leap

For many people, there’s a disconnect between faith and science. They can’t seem to place their trust in something invisible, and want to see God with their own eyes.

Discover A Life Of Deep Faith In God

Faith is more than simply saying a prayer or reciting a creed. Faith is trusting God at the core of who you are.

Take An Insightful Look At The Life Of Faith

We don’t have all the answers when we first begin the Christian life. Our faith is lived out over the course of a lifetime. Perhaps you grew up thinking you have to have it all together, right now!

A Lively Discussion About The Goodness Of God

Faith means trusting that God has our best in mind, even when we’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. Perhaps you’re having a hard time seeing past tough times.

The Danger Of Turning Your Faith Into A Performance For Others

Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions of faith? Just going down your spiritual “to-do list”?

A Thought Provoking Discussion On Inspiring Others To Grow More Like Christ

As followers of God, we have the opportunity to build others up in the faith, or to be a stumbling block. So . . . how are you doing in this regard?

Discover Practical Examples Of How Faith Works In Our Daily Lives

Does the Bible call us to take a leap of faith? For some of us, that’s not easy! Perhaps you, or a loved one, have struggled with the concept of faith and how it really works. Let's take an up close and personal look at faith.

Let’s Tackle Some Of The Tough Issues Of Faith

Following God isn’t always easy. At times it feels like the facts of your faith collide with the facts of your life. Maybe you’re struggling with some tough questions right now, and can’t seem to find the answers.

The Struggle Involved When Deciding To Follow Jesus Christ

Faith doesn’t always come easy. Many people need to see actual physical proof in order to embrace the Christian faith as their own.

What Does It Take To Embrace The Life Of Faith And Follow Jesus?

Not everyone has a dramatic conversion. You may be thinking your redemption story isn’t all that spectacular.