Archives: December 2009

Practical Advice For Families From Jesus’ Parable Of The Prodigal Son

As parents, we try to distribute love to our children equally. No child gets special favor. But it’s not always easy! Let's reflect on a family relationship described by Jesus, and commonly known as the parable of the prodigal son.

Find Out What It Means To Be Self-righteous, And How To Correct Our Attitude

We don’t use the term self-righteous much these days. Yet the tendency to have an over-inflated view of ourself is something all of us struggle with from time to time.

Discover How Our Inner Thoughts Impact Our Outward Expressions

Too often, we build ourselves up by putting other people down. In fact, it’s so common we don’t always realize when we do it!

Taking An Honest Look At Our Attitudes

If you’ve ever been passed up for a promotion you deserved, or someone else has been recognized for his or her contribution and you were overlooked, you know the disillusionment and anger that often follows.

Taking A Closer Look At Those Moments When We Cry Out To God

Most of us have asked God “why” at some point in our lives. Perhaps you’ve faced a family tragedy, or maybe you’re dealing with a broken relationship. Let’s examine those moments when we cry out to God in sorrow and frustration.

Do Your Church Members Form Groups That Make Newcomers Want To Join?

In high school, we joke about the different cliques that form. The cheerleaders, the jocks, the drama club. If we’re not careful, church members sometimes form groups that make it difficult for newcomers to join.

A Self-righteous Mind-set That Affects Our Relationship With God And Others

Our attitude is extremely important to God, especially when it’s reflected in our love for people.

Let’s Take A Good Look At Our Attitude Toward Others

It’s a lot easier to see someone else’s faults, than to spot our own. Let's continue an in-depth study on the parable of the prodigal son.

How We Can Miss Out On A Relationship With God

After a while, church attendance can become routine and predictable, just another obligation in our week. A refreshing conversation about our tendency to get lost in the activities, and miss out on a relationship with God.

A Challenge To Rethink Our Perspective On Salvation

Salvation is a free gift to those who believe in Jesus Christ. But when we begin trying to earn God’s favor, our attitude changes from being a son or daughter of the King, to being an employee doing a day’s work.

Enjoying Your Relationship With The Living God

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions of faith? Perhaps participating out of duty, rather than out of love?

Do You Know What It Means To Be A Modern-day Pharisee?

Do you know someone who’s heavily invested in the rules of the Christian walk, and forgets about the affectionate relationship with the living God? Perhaps you’ve fallen into this trap a time or two!

A Fascinating Discussion About Love And Grace

God’s gift of grace is extended to each of us. But sometimes we refuse to receive it! Let's examine our own hearts in light of the story of the prodigal son.

The Conclusion Of The Powerful Series On The Parable Of The Prodigal Son

Let's examine the parable of the prodigal son, to find insight into our lives today, as we conclude this powerful series.

A Refreshing Look At The Glory Of Christmas From The Book Of Titus

Christmas is far more than colorful packages and bows. It’s a reminder of God’s grace toward all mankind. Let's begin a new miniseries from the book of Titus.