Archives: March 2011

What does it truly mean to be at peace with God? Part 42

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of peace to all mankind. But can you honestly say you know God’s peace?

Let’s learn about the One who invented peace Part 43

Are you a peacemaker? Do you work to bring people together when disagreement arises? Let's look at the context of the beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.”

Continuing a fascinating study about Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount Part 44

It doesn’t seem fair that those who promote peace can fall under persecution. And yet, it happens time and time again. We’re looking at the beatitude, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.”

Find out what Jesus meant when He said “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake” Part 45

It’s not always easy standing up for what we believe. Especially when the result is persecution.

Let's look at Jesus’ words in Matthew chapter five “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake” Part 46

The Bible warns us that life won’t be perfect, even for those who follow God. But few things are more painful than persecution.

Encouragement for keeping the faith, when persecution comes your way Part 47

Do you know someone going through a hard time because of his or her faith? Maybe you’re paying a price at the office, or have a loved one who’s been rebuffed for sharing their beliefs.

Jesus Christ is right beside us in those difficult moments Part 48

History is full of examples of men and women who’ve been persecuted for their faith. But it’s not something relegated to the distant past. Does persecution still happen today?

Knowing how to rejoice in God, even in the midst of persecution Part 49

It’s one thing to stand strong when your beliefs are challenged. But it’s even harder to consider yourself blessed in that awkward moment! Let's look to Scripture and find wisdom in knowing how to rejoice in the midst of persecution.

Concluding our study of the Beatitudes with a powerful reminder Part 50

As followers of Christ, we don’t live for this world. We have the hope of heaven to look forward to one day!

Beginning a new series on forgiveness and caring for your relationships Part 1

Whether a careless word, or thoughtless decision, we’ve all been hurt by those we love. And if we’re not careful, that pain and resentment can fester, developing into a wound that may not heal.

How to handle confrontation in a biblical manner Part 2

No one likes confrontation. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, it’s the first step to finding forgiveness.

Practical tools for getting through tough conversations Part 3

Having to correct someone you love can make for an awkward encounter. But approaching them with the wrong attitude can make a difficult situation even worse! Our attitude matters when dealing with confrontation!

Find a biblical way to confront a fellow believer Part 4

Jesus had a lot to say about how to approach someone who’s offended you. It’s more than just the words we use, it’s our heart attitude that matters!

Let’s uncover the biblical process of confrontation Part 5

What happens when you confront someone who’s offended you, and they refuse to change their behavior? How do you restore a broken relationship?

Timely tools for dealing with confrontation Part 6

It’s not easy confronting someone who’s hurt you. Especially when you’ve tried talking with them and it didn’t seem to make a difference!