Archives: October 2012

God’s generosity in providing us with work for His kingdom

Sometimes work can feel like a burden, but it’s beneficial because it provides for our daily needs. In the same way, it may feel like a burden to work for Christ. But when we’re obedient, God faithfully and graciously provides for us in return.

A new and refreshing outlook on life

Do you see your job as a chore or a reward? Let's discuss how we can invest our lives in something great, instead of simply biding our time, waiting for something better to come along.

Discover the rewards of working for Christ

In today’s economy it’s a true blessing to find a job with great benefits. Perhaps you, or someone you love, is looking for work right now. What if you were offered the perfect job with eternal benefits?

God wants to go far beyond justice and extend us His grace

When we complete our workweek we want to receive what we deserve, a week’s paycheck. It’s a just reward for what we’ve done.

Looking at Jesus’ teaching and the truth about God’s grace

Let’s be honest, when we’ve done something good we want a pat on the back. Even in spiritual matters, it’s hard not to expect God to reward us for our work! An insightful discovery about God's grace.

Discover how Jesus helps us with the question, What’s in it for me?

If we’re completely honest with ourselves, most of us have wondered "What’s in it for me?", even when contemplating following Jesus Christ. We don’t like to admit it, but it’s a natural question that arises particularly when we’re facing tough times. Let's attempt to answer this interesting query.

Jesus draws attention to God’s view of fairness

It’s truly amazing how God gives us what we don’t deserve, His unending grace, and doesn’t give us what we do deserve, His wrath.

A parable that runs contradictory to our perceptions of right and wrong

It’s human nature to have a keen sense of fairness. Hard work deserves a favorable outcome. But when the promotion doesn’t come, our sense of fairness is slighted.

How experiencing hurt can actually be the best medicine for us!

When our head aches and throbs, we instinctively reach for a bottle of aspirin. We look for instant relief from momentary pain.

A helpful discussion on how to handle pain

A poet once wrote, “Into each life some rain must fall.” It’s an accurate observation, but when the storms roll into our own lives, how do we respond? A conversation with Gay Hubbard, author of the book, “More Than an Aspirin.”

A glimpse of God's plan for pain

When we’re broken, battered, and bruised by the circumstances of life, it’s natural to cry out, "Why, God?" The group takes a break from our regular study to talk with Pastor Ed Dobson, a man who found purpose in his brokenness.

Discovering the constant presence of the Lord in the midst of a terminal disease

The diagnosis of a serious illness can make us feel isolated and forgotten by God. Life seems to change in a single moment. Find encouragement for your situation as Mart interviews Ed Dobson.

The group answers an important question about salvation as they study Hebrews chapter 2

A “Discover the Word” listener in Casper, Wyoming, wanted to know if once you’ve accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and turned your life over to His leadership, is it possible to lose that salvation?

Find fresh focus for your prayer life!

When you reach out to God in prayer what do you pray about? For most of us, family, health concerns, even financial struggles make the list. Let's take a look at Jesus’ teaching on prayer.

Let’s look at the paradox of Christ’s return, and clear the confusion surrounding it

Time and again, self-proclaimed prophets have predicted the day of Jesus’ return. But as the determined day comes and goes, the “prophets” are proved wrong!