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Practical tools for ridding our hearts of envy, and finding freedom in Christ

It’s our natural reaction when we see someone with a bigger house, a larger income, or talents that take the spotlight. But envy poisons our relationships and oozes resentment everywhere we go.

The impact of envy on our relationships with others, and with God

Jealousy is like cancer, eating away at even the closest relationships, leaving destruction in its wake. An insightful discussion on the impact envy has on our relationships.

Discover what God’s Word says about envy

In John 10:10, Jesus told us He came that we “May have life, and have it abundantly.” But damaging attitudes like envy can rob us of an abundant life.

Get a clear understanding of envy, so we can recognize it, and choose a better path

Envy, covetousness, jealousy. Just three different ways of saying the same thing, right? According to the “Discover the Word” team, there are stark differences between these three heart issues.

Let’s look at the story of Leah and Rachel, two sisters whose envy gets the best of them

When we focus our thoughts on other people’s possessions, we grow discontent with the blessings God’s bestowed on us. Practical tools for overcoming envy.

Discover insight into ways to combat envy in our own lives

Do the blessings of someone at church, or the financial status of a neighbor, really get under your skin? The group share their own battles with envy, and insight into ways to combat it in our own lives.

Recognizing envy in our own hearts

As a young man, Saul had everything. But when he allowed envy to creep into his life, it destroyed his position as ruler. Let's study the rise and fall of King Saul, and find lessons for recognizing envy in our own hearts.

A tragic illustration of the seriousness of envy

What would drive someone to murder? Anger? Sadness? How about envy? A thought-provoking look at the life of two brothers, Cain and Abel.

Discover the Word Thanksgiving Conversation

Listen to a special conversation Haddon, Alice, and Mart had about giving thanks.

Listen now.

The Businessman Who Missed the Bottom Line—Luke 12

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S.  For a bit of perspective, listen to one of Haddon's more memorable sermons—"The Businessman Who Missed the Bottom Line."

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Discover insight into recognizing and avoiding envy

Have you ever desired something so much you’d go to any lengths to get it? Perhaps you’ve longed for a family for years. Or you’ve been passed up for a promotion at work. Let's study a woman of great faith who allowed envy to gain a foothold in her life.

Let’s look at one of the most overlooked, and underrated, issues we face, envy

Envy sounds harmless. But one look at the stories of Cain and Abel, or Joseph and his brothers, and we see it can have devastating results.

An eye-opening discussion on the consequences of jealousy

When team members work together they can accomplish great things! But when envy creeps into those relationships, they’re often rendered ineffective. Let's study Numbers chapter twelve to uncover the devastating consequences of jealousy.

Why God takes envy so seriously

A little jealousy now and then never hurt anyone, right? Let's go on a tour of Scripture that suggests jealously is a bigger problem than we might think.

Discover the destruction envy can cause in our heart, and our relationships

Have you ever wished you were someone else? Perhaps they got the job you wanted, or were blessed with the family you always dreamed of. Find peace in the midst of discontentment.