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Discovering God’s perspective on grace and fairness Part 9

Imagine you’ve been tirelessly working for years. You’ve put in your dues. Then the boss gives the promotion to the new guy. It’s just not fair! Let's address a similar issue that arose in one of Jesus’ parables.

A helpful discussion on what “having faith” truly means Part 10

Hebrews chapter 13, verse 5, says “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.” But when difficult circumstances arise it’s not always easy to believe God’s promise. We feel forsaken and alone, and faith comes reluctantly.

Discover that in God’s economy there’s a difference between justice and fairness Part 11

Sometimes life isn’t fair. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, unfairness doesn’t automatically equate to being unjustly treated. Let's look at a story Jesus told that at first glance may seem unfair.

Discover the startling notion of grace in Jesus’ parable of the vineyard workers Part 12

Our employment system dictates that a full day’s work deserves a full day’s pay. But in Jesus’ economy, we receive even more than we’ve bargained for!

God’s generosity and our human discontentment Part 13

We can be thankful when we focus on the blessings we have. But when we fall into the trap of comparison, envy and dissatisfaction often creep in! Join the discussion about God's generosity and juxtapose it against our human discontentment.

Is the mindset of comparison causing you to be dissatisfied? Part 14

When we’re stuck in the mindset of comparison, it’s not long before we become dissatisfied with what we have. Let's explore Jesus’ parable of the vineyard workers to find the answer to this common problem.

Are you searching for contentment? Part 15

The problem with the human condition is that even when we own a lot, it still doesn’t feel like enough. Let's look at the causes of envy and how to eradicate that bitter root from our lives.

Defining envy and finding the biblical solution to this heart problem! Part 16

Jesus’ parable of the vineyard workers not only demonstrates God’s generosity, but highlights the dangers of jealousy!

Find practical tools for rooting envy out of your heart Part 17

Like a noxious and bitter weed, envy can spring into our lives, and choke out our joy in the Lord! Let's uncover ways envy can sour our relationship with God and others.

Discover the destruction envy can cause in our heart, and our relationships Part 18

Have you ever wished you were someone else? Perhaps they got the job you wanted, or were blessed with the family you always dreamed of. Find peace in the midst of discontentment.

Why God takes envy so seriously

A little jealousy now and then never hurt anyone, right? Let's go on a tour of Scripture that suggests jealously is a bigger problem than we might think.

An eye-opening discussion on the consequences of jealousy

When team members work together they can accomplish great things! But when envy creeps into those relationships, they’re often rendered ineffective. Let's study Numbers chapter twelve to uncover the devastating consequences of jealousy.

Let’s look at one of the most overlooked, and underrated, issues we face, envy

Envy sounds harmless. But one look at the stories of Cain and Abel, or Joseph and his brothers, and we see it can have devastating results.

Discover insight into recognizing and avoiding envy

Have you ever desired something so much you’d go to any lengths to get it? Perhaps you’ve longed for a family for years. Or you’ve been passed up for a promotion at work. Let's study a woman of great faith who allowed envy to gain a foothold in her life.

The Businessman Who Missed the Bottom Line—Luke 12

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S.  For a bit of perspective, listen to one of Haddon's more memorable sermons—"The Businessman Who Missed the Bottom Line."