Archives: December 2012

Find a fresh perspective for overcoming envy

Following God doesn’t guarantee an easy life. So when we see our unbelieving neighbor living an easy and comfortable existence, the foundation of our faith may be shaken.

Discover another crucial step in overcoming the issue of envy

From a distance, the wealthy, the healthy, the intelligent, seem to have it all. But if we take a closer look, we may find that those gifts we envy come at a steep price!

Discover a powerful antidote for the poison of envy in our lives

Is there someone in your life that sparks that bitter flame of envy? Perhaps they have a nicer car or a better paying job. Let's look at First Corinthians chapter 13.

How an eternal outlook displaces envious attitudes!

With our eyes focused on the world around us, it’s easy to look with envy on the things we don’t have. But if we shift our line of sight a little higher, we’ll gain a whole new perspective!

A unique and readily available tool to banish envy for good!

It’s never easy to battle feelings of envy. But in this fight, followers of God have a supreme advantage!

A dynamic conversation on Jesus’ teaching of “the last shall be first” Part 19

You’ve waited in line for hours. Your feet hurt, your back aches, and as you finally reach the front of the line you’re told, “We serve the people in the back of the line first.” Let's examine this perplexing notion found in Jesus’ teaching.

Let’s look at a topsy-turvy principle of God’s kingdom Part 20

We’re all born with an innate sense of fairness. Just watch small children line up for a treat and listen to what happens when someone tries to jump ahead! You’ll hear a chorus of “No cuts!” Let's look at the topsy-turvy principle of God’s kingdom that says, “The first shall be last, and the last first.”

How God’s grace reverses our understanding of rewards and merit Part 21

The best-trained athlete gets the trophy. The most intelligent student gets the best grades. That’s the way our world works.

Embracing God’s greatest gift: grace Part 22

Trapped on a treadmill of performance, we’re liable to think the more good we do, the more God will love us. And if we stumble and fall, God will brush us aside. Let's embrace God’s generosity.

Looking at how our view of God’s generosity impacts our faith Part 23

If your boss is stingy with you, you’re less likely to give him a fair day’s work. But if he treats you well, your work will reflect your gratitude! Let's discuss the nature of grace. An encouraging study on the goodness of God.

Reflecting on God’s profound grace and ways we can respond to His generosity Part 24

Basking in the benefits of God’s blessings, we often feel a sense of gratitude. But when God chooses to bless others with those same gifts, our reaction isn’t always thankfulness.

God’s impartial justice and His unmerited grace Part 25

In Matthew chapter 20, Jesus told a parable that explored two characteristics of God, His impartial justice, and His unmerited grace. Let's study both aspects of God’s personality, and suggest we need a healthy balance of these two views in order to see God clearly.

A thought-provoking discussion on “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first” Part 26

The rallying cry of the world is “Look out for number one!” But Jesus told His followers, “Put yourself last.” Let's discuss the practical side of the paradox “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.”

What does it take to be successful in God’s kingdom? Part 27

To be successful in our society, it takes persistence and willpower to claw your way to the top. But to be successful in God’s kingdom, it takes humility and sacrifice to make your way to the bottom! Let's look at Jesus’ interaction with two ambitious disciples to illustrate this important distinction.

Let’s look at God’s unconventional view of how to get ahead Part 28

The world’s formula for power is this: push your way to the head of the line. But Jesus’ model for successful leadership looks very different! Hear the challenging study of the parable in Matthew chapter 20.