Archives: February 2013

Let’s turn to Psalm 51 for direction on how to seek forgiveness from God and others Part 23

The problem of sin is like a two-edged sword, it can wound our relationships with others and our connection to God.

Finding healing for a remorseful heart Part 24

Injuring others with a careless word or hurtful action can fill us with regret. Even after we receive forgiveness from those we’ve offended, it’s difficult to forgive ourselves! Find the principles of grace in praying “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those indebted to us.”

Is forgiveness really that easy? Part 25

Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. So, if God forgives our occasional errors in judgment, is sin really that big of a deal? Let's look at the Lord’s Prayer to see if God truly takes sin seriously.

An eye-opening discussion on forgiveness Part 26

Are there conditions to God’s forgiveness? Does our acceptance of grace mean we owe God something in return? Let's study the model Jesus gave for prayer, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those indebted to us.”

Finding peace by living the Lord’s Prayer Part 27

In the middle of bitter disputes with others, we often draw the battle lines and try to fight it out! Let's examine how living the Lord’s Prayer requires peace between combatants. We are learning to pray “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Looking at the dangers of an unforgiving attitude Part 28

When a grudge is allowed to take root in our heart, it can push out the very grace we need ourselves! Be sure to listen in as the team continues a study on the Lord’s Prayer.

Discover how to sincerely offer grace when faced with deep hurt Part 29

When others hurt us by their words or actions, it’s easier to hang on to bitterness and resentment than to pursue forgiveness. Discover practical steps towards transforming our perspective.

This Is a Football

Haddon Robinson is at his best when he's explaining the gospel. Listen to this sermon by Haddon, titled: "This Is a Football," from the book of Romans.

How to overcome an unforgiving spirit Part 30

Maybe you’ve struggled to put a past hurt behind you, but the feelings of bitterness just won’t go away. Another thoughtful discussion on forgiveness and the Lord's Prayer.

Discover vital principles on extending forgiveness Part 31

Being forgiven doesn’t mean the consequences of our actions are erased. So, is there a benefit to forgiveness? Let's examine the hope-filled message of Jesus’ prayer, "forgive us our debts, as we forgive those who are indebted to us."

An insightful look into the Lord’s Prayer and our attitude on forgiveness Part 32

It’s hard to have a forgiving spirit when we’re focused on the wrong done to us. But when we take an honest look at our own mistakes, our attitude on forgiveness may change!

Looking at the Lord's Prayer and the boundary lines God has set for our lives Part 33

As children, it’s tantalizing to neglect the warnings signs that say Keep Out! The thrill of adventure is greater than the fear of trespassing! Let's discuss ways that we as adults step over the boundary lines God has set for our lives.

Let’s look at the metaphor of debt found in the Lord’s Prayer Part 34

Bigger than any loan we owe the credit card or mortgage company, all of us owe a massive spiritual balance to God. Let's discuss how we’re able to pay off that enormous balance.

Consider why Jesus chose the words “debt,” “trespasses,” and “sin” when giving us the Lord’s Prayer Part 35

Every word used in Scripture is perfectly used, in a particular place, and for a particular reason.

Discover how the Lord’s Prayer can be used in community Part 36

We often think of prayer as an individual exercise. And while certain petitions are intensely personal, some prayers were intended to be communicated as a group!