Archives: April 2013

Discover how the Great Physician uses the Law to diagnose and heal our sin

Though an x-ray can reveal what’s broken inside us, we still need the skilled hand of a surgeon to repair internal damage. It’s a spiritual check-up.

A biblical perspective on the purpose of the Law

The Bible declares we’re saved by the free gift of grace. In light of Jesus’ sacrifice, no amount of obedience to the Law can ever make us right with God! Let's examine the importance of the Ten Commandments in light of salvation.

An insightful study on the Ten Commandments and the role it plays in our lives

The Ten Commandments were given to a people and a culture bound to follow Old Testament law. So do those ancient rules have any application in our lives today?

How an understanding of our debt to God teaches us biblical forgiveness

Extending grace and forgiveness when you’ve been wounded deeply isn’t easy! Discover how to have a compassionate view of those who are indebted to us.

Jesus' guidelines for restoring relationships with grace

There are situations when forgiveness needs to go beyond a hug and a handshake, moments when confrontation is necessary.

Discover the importance of reading the Bible in context

Start reading a book in the middle of the story and you’ll quickly be confused! Let's emphasize the importance of reading the Bible in context, remembering that each verse is part of a single narrative.

Jesus’ story of a monarch and his servant retold in a contemporary context

Jesus often used terms and phrases in His parables that appealed to the listeners of His day. But sometimes those illustrations can be lost on modern-day readers.

A powerful lesson on grace

Jesus’ instruction to offer unlimited forgiveness to those around us is a pretty tall order. Is it even possible to accomplish? That’s the question on today’s edition of “Discover the Word.” Join us as we study a parable Jesus told about a debt-stricken servant and a compassionate king.

Let's take a biblical view of our own mistakes and where we can go to find forgiveness

It’s overwhelming to consider our own sinfulness. So instead, we focus on what others are doing wrong, and in comparison we look pretty good!

Jesus’ parable of forgiveness

Paying off our credit card balance may be doable. Paying off the national debt all by ourselves, well that’s impossible! Let's discuss the magnitude of our own spiritual debt, and who has the capacity to clear our balance.

The story of a compassionate king and a debt-ridden servant

A good story can help us understand important principles in a fresh new way. Let's turn our attention to a parable from Jesus that puts the issue of unlimited forgiveness into practical perspective.

Discover how with God’s help, it’s possible to extend forgiveness over and over again

When someone has wounded you deeply it’s difficult to offer forgiveness even once. But according to Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18, followers of God are called to extend unlimited grace to those we encounter. Find help for your relationships.

Discover the power of grace

Some of us explode in anger when we’re hurt. Others quietly seethe and turn a cold shoulder to those who’ve wounded them. Let's explain how embracing a spirit of forgiveness helps us deal with, and overcome, those destructive feelings.

Discover the meaning of forgiveness and the impact it has on our relationships

Many think forgiveness is all about saying “I’m sorry” or avoiding consequences. But according to Jesus’ teaching in Scripture, true forgiveness is centered around restoring relationships.

The role our emotions play as we strive to be people of grace

Forgiveness isn’t easy. In fact, there’s often a lot of emotional baggage that comes when forgiving someone or asking them to forgive you. An honest appraisal of forgiveness.