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How to put our possessions in their proper place

Most of us would deny ever making a conscious decision to serve money. But the choice to place our possessions over Christ is subtle, and common! Let's look at Jesus' teaching on loyalty.

Discover how to make sense of the metaphors in the Sermon on the Mount

A strong illustration can take a good sermon, and turn it into a truly powerful message! Explore the word pictures Jesus used to enhance His teachings.

Jesus’ teaching about having a right perspective in our hearts

We say things like, “I’m as hungry as a horse,” or “He’s my knight in shining armor.” These word pictures help get our point across.

A word picture Jesus used in His Sermon on the Mount that may cause confusion for modern-day readers

Have you ever run across a metaphor in the Bible and thought, “Now what does that mean?”

How does Jesus’ sermon to a first-century audience affect us?

Pick up a book written last century, and you’re bound to run across some language that sounds almost foreign! Join us as we put Scripture into context.

The implications of placing anything above our love for the Lord

If you were to make a list of the things you love most, what items would be at the top of the list? We’re talking about what we treasure.

Let’s take an honest look at what Jesus had to say about money and possessions

Some people claim that God wants everyone to be rich, healthy, and happy. But a closer look at Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount shows that assumption is off base.

A challenging conversation about how treasure has the undivided attention of our heart

A winning lottery ticket. An overflowing bank account. A healthy stock portfolio. We tend to think of “treasure” in monetary values. Treasure can include anything that has the undivided attention of our heart!

The relationship between our heart and the things we treasure

We might say we love our car. But if we don’t spend the time and money necessary to maintain it, is it really a priority? An insightful dialogue from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Are earthly treasures worth the cost?

Savvy business owners rely on a cost-to-benefit ratio to make a profit. If the rewards of a certain investment don’t exceed the costs, it’s just not worth it! Let's put that same principle to work for our spiritual investments.

Let's study what Jesus said about money, possessions, and eternity

We could spend our whole life amassing great wealth and building up our possessions. But is that a good investment for the future? Let's study Jesus' conversation with a rich young man. A profound look at what matters most.

A challenging conversation between Jesus and a rich young man

Issues with money can break up a marriage, corrupt good character, and make us miss out on the true blessings God has for us. Discover biblical principles for your finances.

Discover the wise financial advice Jesus gave His followers

Whether it’s a fire, thieves, or a stock market crash, our earthly wealth can be destroyed in an instant. That’s why Jesus encourages us to put our treasure somewhere truly safe! Hear timely teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

Ever think about your underlying motives in seeking to please God?

The Bible guarantees eternal rewards for those who faithfully follow Jesus. But should the promise of favor and reward be our primary motivation to serve God? A thought-provoking study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

An interesting conversation on a forgotten discipline

A good meal can satisfy our hunger, give us a break from the day, and tickle our taste buds. So why would someone choose to give up food for a period of time? Let's examine the practice and purpose of fasting.