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Principles for making biblically sound decisions on questionable issues, while maintaining Christian unity Part 22

So often it’s not the big issues that divide a church and destroy relationships. It’s the gray areas of faith that can cause the most controversy! Practical advice you won’t want to miss.

How to accept one another’s convictions, even if we disagree! Part 23

We’re never going to see eye-to-eye with friends and family on every topic. But if we’re not careful, we can wind up looking down on others when they make choices we disagree with.

How to handle disagreements in the family of God Part 24

If you grew up with brothers or sisters, your disagreements with one another likely led to a few fights! But do those actions carry over into the way we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ? Timely lessons from Romans 14.

Help from Romans 14 on muddling through the gray areas of the Christian life Part 25

The church is just like one great big family, there’s bound to be some disagreements as time goes on. Let's explore eight principles to keeping unity in the family of God.

A helpful guideline for handling disagreements Part 26

When we’re in a heated argument, we’re often so focused on who’s right and who’s wrong that we forget our actions should reflect the love of Christ. A helpful guideline for handling disagreements by asking the poignant question, does this honor God?

Discover the ways our actions help, or hinder, others Part 27

Whether you’re a parent guiding a little one through life, or contributing to your team at the office . . . each of us holds tremendous influence over the people we come into contact with!

What do doughnuts have to do with Christian unity? Part 28

An unconventional illustration to help us focus on what matters most. So grab your spot at the table for a conversation about disagreements, unity, and how fried pastries tie it all together. A sweet end to our study of Romans 14.

Looking at Romans 14 from a parenting perspective Part 29

The latest clothing fashion or music trends can send parents into a tailspin. When it comes to raising kids, what things are allowable and what are off limits? Don't miss this important discussion with special guest Jeff Manion.

Reevaluating the customs we hold dear Part 30

There are times when the traditions we cling to are actually the barriers to love and grace entering the church! Another timely message on unity.

Practical application for the principles on unity from Romans 14 Part 31

Instructions may look simple on paper, but following them can be a lot harder than expected! Let's take the principles from Romans 14 on unity, and examine how to put them into practice.

Separating the important issues from the peripheral ones Part 32

We all have strong opinions on the gray areas of our faith. But it’s when we start making our convictions mandatory for other believers that we run into problems!

Wrapping up our study about Christian unity from Romans 14 Part 33

When studying Scripture, you can spend so much time examining the details that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Let's review the overarching, top priorities in the life of a follower of Christ.

The dangers of reading Scripture as disconnected anecdotes, and encouragement to see the Bible as a single narrative Part 1

Daily Bible verses and snippets of Scripture can inspire and challenge us. But all the individual passages in Scripture add up to one grand story: God’s story! A perspective-changing discussion.

Discover what Jesus said about our catalog of worries Part 2

If you were to write down the things you’re worried about, you could probably generate a list a mile long.

A timely lesson about the reality of fear and worry in our lives Part 3

From bills and bank accounts, to doctors and discouragements, this world has given us a lot to worry about! A timely lesson from the Sermon on the Mount.

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Discover the bright future God has for each of us! Part 10

There are times in life when our burdens and trials have drained us, and we feel like we cannot take another step. Discover biblical encouragement to keep going! Join the group for the final conversation in our series, "Unquenchable."

A moving story about God’s miraculous comfort in the midst of personal pain Part 9

Even into the most intense, fiery trials of our lives, God brings refreshing splashes of joy. Hear a real-life illustration of God’s love.

The benefits of a faith that has gone through the fire Part 8

Just like a precious metal, God may run us through the refinery in order to purify our faith. And the process can be quite painful. See your trials in a new way.

> Bible Study

Can we claim the Bible’s promises for ourselves? Part 3

The Bible is full of what sound like amazing promises from God. but do all those ancient assurances apply to us today? Join us as we continue investigating Psalm 91, and discover whether it contains promises we can claim for ourselves.

Discover Malchus’ small role in a grand story Part 3

We can learn a lot from the prominent characters in the Bible, people like David, Esther, and Peter. But sometimes the minor personalities in Scripture can have just as much impact!

How our very brokenness is what makes us candidates for serving the Lord! Part 2

Ever feel like all the flaws in your family history make you ineligible for God’s work? Maybe you’ve heard God’s call for your life, but don’t feel qualified to accept. A “best of” conversation coming up.

> Christian Life

A new way of looking at your job Part 1

In our waking hours, we spend about eight to ten hours at work. Work occupies a large part of our lives. Today, special guest Scott Rae joins us to talk about our work as both a calling and a vocation. Listen in as we discuss some life-changing concepts.

Discover how to imitate Mary Part 10

The Christian life is more than a one-time decision to follow Jesus. It's a daily affirmation. It also requires us saying a daily "no" to anything that hinders our faith in God. Join us today on "Discover the Word" as we conclude our study on Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she consistently said "yes" to God.

An inspiring look at Mary's life Part 9

Think of all the moments in Mary's life when she must have topped to consider what God's plans were for her son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary went from a tender mother of a young boy to a sometimes-perplexed follower of her own son as Lord. Join us today on "Discover the Word" for another edifying discussion.

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How what is happening in our lives is evidence of the fruit of the Spirit! Part 13

Even a bottle labeled “fruit juice” can contain a large amount of artificial fruit flavors. It proves we can be easily fooled by inferior imitations. Let's play the part of produce inspectors and look for evidence that what is happening in our lives is 100 percent fruit of the Spirit!

Let’s allow God to cultivate godly restraint in our lives Part 12

Whether it’s taking another slice of chocolate cake, or losing our temper when frustrated, self-control can be difficult to maintain. But it’s a virtue we all need! Our study of the fruit of the Spirit continues.

How biblical gentleness is the foundation of true strength Part 11

By the world’s standards, gentleness is a weakness, not a virtue! We’ve been taught it’s imperative we stand up for ourselves. Discover that biblical gentleness is not a sign of being feeble—it’s the foundation of true strength! We’re talking about one of the fruits of the Spirit.

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> Life Stories

Discover how God can transform our identities Part 4A

Names can stick with us for years. Perhaps you’ve had labels, nicknames, or reputations haunt you since childhood. Let's study why Jacob’s name made him an unlikely participant in God’s sovereign plan. Our study of Jacob continues.

How to be an advocate for peace Part 5

Caught up in a fight, it’s tempting to throw out accusations in order to win. But to bring a peaceful resolution, we really need to become advocates! Concluding our series on Abigail, and reflecting on how she prevented a deadly disagreement.

Perhaps you could use some help resolving a personal disagreement Part 4

Embroiled in conflict, it can feel like we’re held captive to our frustration, anger, and strong opinions. What we need is a good hostage negotiator! Let's look at Abigail as an example of biblical conflict negotiation.

> Ministry And Outreach

A thought-provoking conversation on evangelism Part 5

This week we've been talking about how to share the gospel in a pluralistic culture. It's the same challenge that the apostle Paul faced in his day.

How Paul related to a pluralistic culture Part 1

Our world is changing, and change is difficult. So what should our attitude be as we face all the changes in the culture around us? Join us as we start a new series in Acts 17, calling Christians to engage the world.

> Pure Religion

How real religion helps us survive tough times Part 5

In the book of James, we find a radical definition of religion. True religion is not simply knowing about God, but rather, trusting in God. Join us today on "Discover the Word" as we conclude our series on "Pure Religion."

What we need most when our faith is tested Part 4

When painful trials put your faith to the test, what is the one thing you need most? Join our special guest, Mark Young, on "Discover the Word" as we discuss why God's wisdom is essential in trying times.

The greater purpose our trials serve Part 3

Life is full of trials. Some are small frustrations and others are painful roadblocks. On our program today, our special guest Mark Young explains how our trials help us see God better. Join us today and learn how to look past the pain!

> Relationships

How did Paul overcome feelings of hurt and abandonment? Part 5

Have you ever felt abandoned by someone you cared about? It can be difficult recovering from that type of pain and disappointment. Join us today for an encouraging conversation on "Discover the Word."

How to respond to people who disappoint us Part 4

Often, the reason bitterness has taken root in our heart is because someone we trusted planted it there. Join us today as we take a look at Paul's letter to Timothy and discover how to stop disappointment from becoming resentment.

How to relate to people as individuals Part 3

No two people are exactly alike. And yet, we often deal with people as though everyone is the same. Listen in today as we continue studying Paul's final letter and his instructions on relating to people as individuals.