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Watch what happens when God joins the fruitless discussion between Job and friends

Ever been involved in a dead-end conversation? It can happen when people talk at each other, rather than with each other. Watch what happens when God joins the conversation between Job and his friends.

Let’s look at how Jesus summarized everything written in the Old Testament!

It took the entire Old Testament to include all the writings of the Law and the prophets. But is it possible to condense all that wisdom into one simple statement? A look at “The Golden Rule.”

How God Works When His People Call Out To Him In Their Time Of Need

When a loved one is ill, or we’re facing a seemingly impossible situation it’s not uncommon to call on friends and family to pray together. Discover faith in community.

Does God Perform Miracles Today?

A discussion about God’s provision and intervention in our lives. Is it possible God has worked in your life in ways you haven’t even realized?

Take A Practical Look At Leadership

God doesn’t expect us to solve every problem on our own. Sometimes it takes a timely conversation with a family member or advice from a co-worker to see the bigger picture.

A Biblical Warning Against Idolatry Put Into Context For Us Today

For centuries men and women have been seduced by the world around them. For some generations it may have been idol worship, for others it’s the need to acquire more possessions.

What The Bible Says About Marriage . . . And How To Make It Work!

As the expression goes: opposites attract. So how do you make a marriage work with two people who are as different as night and day? Perhaps your relationship is struggling right now. Find practical advice today!

A Discussion On The Covenant Relationship God Planned For Your Marriage

Marriage is more than a legal contract. It’s a promise, a commitment, to be together until “death do us part.” Want a relationship that outlasts tough times?

Marriage Is More Than A Legal Contract . . . It’s A Covenant Relationship

The term covenant isn’t heard very often in our culture, and perhaps you’re wondering how it could help strengthen your marriage. Join us for a dynamic conversation!

God’s Plan For Marriage And How To Safeguard Your Relationship

If you’ve been affected by divorce, whether in your own family or in the family of someone you know, then you’ve felt the heartbreak that results from a broken home.

What Makes A Lasting Marriage?

He gets down on one knee . . . she says yes . . . and it’s all flowers and romance from there on out . . . right? Wrong! Life takes over, schedules are demanding and sometimes love gets lost in the shuffle.

How God Works . . . Through The Ordinary And The Extra-ordinary

Some of the miracles in the Bible seem pretty far-fetched. And yet, if we believe God’s Word . . . the miracles must have occurred as the Bible describes them.

Where Is God When The Difficult Times Come?

Maybe you’re going through a painful situation right now. Discover an important passage of Scripture to answer the question: Is God really in control?

The Importance Of Understanding The History And Context Of A Passage Of Scripture

We tend to read the New Testament as a stand-alone book. We don’t always realize how it’s interwoven with the Old Testament.

Often God's Timetable Is Different Than Our Own . . . But The Result Is Worth The Wait!

Ever had to wait for God to answer prayer? Perhaps you’re waiting to hear from Him right now.