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Committing To 'one God' In A Culture Where Multiple Gods Are Worshiped Daily Part 28

The Lord says in Isaiah, “I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.” This truth is a foundation of the Christian faith. Yet how does one commit to “one God” in a culture where multiple gods are worshiped daily?

An Insightful Look At Christianity Part 37

Historically, many cultures believed there were multiple gods. But Deuteronomy 6:4 states “The Lord our god, the Lord is one.” Thus the God of the Bible stands out as the only true God. What makes the one true God stand out among the counterfeits?

The Importance Of Worshiping The One True God And Worshiping Him Alone Part 40

While we may not have a statue of Aphrodite in our homes in the hopes of gaining true love . . . other forms of idol worship can find their way into our lives. The Scriptures warn us not to place our focus on money, success, or materialism.

Does God’s All-knowing Power Override Our Choices? Part 45

God working in conjunction with our free will . . . it’s a difficult concept to grasp. Does our free will limit God’s power? Tough questions. Real answers.

An Authentic Discussion Of Living Out Our Faith Part 79

Living and working as though we’re representing Christ to the world isn’t easy, is it? It can be discouraging when we don’t feel we’re doing the best job.


A Challenge To Continue Our Pursuit Of God, No Matter How Silent He Seems Part 33

When we call out to God for help, sometimes it feels like the only thing we get in return . . . is silence. But the truth is, God seeks us out long before we pursue Him.

An Authentic Discussion On Having Faith In The Unseen

You’ve heard the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” It’s difficult to believe the impossible until you can see it with your own eyes.

Often God's Timetable Is Different Than Our Own . . . But The Result Is Worth The Wait!

Ever had to wait for God to answer prayer? Perhaps you’re waiting to hear from Him right now.

The Importance Of Understanding The History And Context Of A Passage Of Scripture

We tend to read the New Testament as a stand-alone book. We don’t always realize how it’s interwoven with the Old Testament.

Where Is God When The Difficult Times Come?

Maybe you’re going through a painful situation right now. Discover an important passage of Scripture to answer the question: Is God really in control?

How God Works . . . Through The Ordinary And The Extra-ordinary

Some of the miracles in the Bible seem pretty far-fetched. And yet, if we believe God’s Word . . . the miracles must have occurred as the Bible describes them.

What Makes A Lasting Marriage? Part 5

He gets down on one knee . . . she says yes . . . and it’s all flowers and romance from there on out . . . right? Wrong! Life takes over, schedules are demanding and sometimes love gets lost in the shuffle.

God’s Plan For Marriage And How To Safeguard Your Relationship Part 6

If you’ve been affected by divorce, whether in your own family or in the family of someone you know, then you’ve felt the heartbreak that results from a broken home.

Marriage Is More Than A Legal Contract . . . It’s A Covenant Relationship Part 8

The term covenant isn’t heard very often in our culture, and perhaps you’re wondering how it could help strengthen your marriage. Join us for a dynamic conversation!

A Discussion On The Covenant Relationship God Planned For Your Marriage Part 9

Marriage is more than a legal contract. It’s a promise, a commitment, to be together until “death do us part.” Want a relationship that outlasts tough times?