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Making The Most Of What God Has Given You

What's the largest amount of money you have ever had in your hand at one time?

Suppose someone gave you a million dollars in large bills. What would you think about doing with it?

PURPOSE: To help listeners think about what Jesus means when He talks about talents.

What's the largest amount of money you have ever had in your hand at one time?

The Difference Between Loving God And Liking God

We know that we are to love God. Do you think most people like Him?

Do you think it matters?

PURPOSE: To have listeners understand why belief about God is basic to their behavior.

We know that we are to love God. Do you think most people like Him?

The Key To A Life Of Faith Part 29

The Bible often points to Abraham as the prime example of how a person of faith should live. Do you want a vibrant spiritual life?

Haddon Robinson Begins A Discussion On The Paradox Of Love

Just as lyrics and melody intertwine to create a beautiful song, so your actions and words combined show love. Love is something we all think we understand . . . and yet never fully grasp. Let's dive into the depths of defining love.

Coming To Grips With The Meaning Of Love

Trying to define love is the same as describing the way a sunset paints the sky or how the grass tickles your toes. Love isn’t easy to define . . . but it does have a definition . . . many definitions in fact.

Unselfish Love Should Characterize Our Relationships

When we express affection for someone we love, it’s natural for us to want love expressed in return. God lavishes love on us expecting nothing in return. Join us for a fascinating discussion.

God Loves Us In Spite Of Who We Are . . . Regardless Of Anything We Do

What an amazing concept . . . that we don’t have to earn God’s favor! A description of our craving for acceptance and God’s unconditional love . . . no strings attached. Encouragement for today!

Ever Feel You’re Not “good Enough” For God’s Love? Part 20

God’s love is unconditional, and His promises aren’t contingent on anything we do. Instead, God reveals His faithfulness to us despite our human weakness or failures.

No Matter How Far We May Run . . . God Continues To Pursue Us Part 40

The power of God’s love draws us to Him . . . even when we’re unaware. But sometimes we fail to feel . . . and know . . . His love. 

There's A Little Prodigal In All Of Us Running Away From God And Trying To Make It On Our Own Part 13

You’ve undoubtedly heard the story of the prodigal son. Let's look at a fresh perspective on how this timeless story applies to our relationships.

How Agape Love Sustains A Marriage During The Most Difficult Seasons Part 18

The romantic feelings expressed at a wedding ceremony don’t last forever. So how do you continue to keep the home fires burning when the realities of life settle in?

A Look At The Issue Of Idolatry In The Old Testament And How It Applies To Us In The Twenty-first Century Part 24

When reading the Bible . . . we often find cultural differences which make it difficult to understand how to apply the principles to our lives today.

Valuable Insight Into The Second Biblical Commandment Prohibiting Idolatry Part 25

Often the circumstances in the Bible seem foreign to us. But when we understand the history and culture surrounding the text, the Bible comes to life with principles that apply even to us today.

Having A Hard Time Standing Your Ground When Everyone Around You Claims You’re Wrong? Part 26

It’s difficult to live the Christian life in a culture that’s set against all you believe. A look at the recurring theme of idolatry throughout the Old Testament.

Feel Like You’re Beyond Redemption? Part 43

We’ve all made mistakes we regret. Perhaps you’re living out the consequences of a recent decision. But hope is not lost! Let us introduce you to the “God of second chances.”