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Gain a new perspective on following Jesus

What does it take to get into heaven? Do we have to obey every rule? If we live a good life are we in? Let's turn to Mark chapter 10 and Jesus’ advice to a young man working hard to get to heaven.

Let’s look at why every family needs the healing touch of the Savior

Whether it’s a troubled marriage, rebellious children, or generational sin, we may think our brokenness is unusual for a Christian family. Discover that family fractures are typical in every home! Let's look at "The Beauty of Broken."

Encouragement To Keep Our Eyes Focused On Our Creator, Not On Our Trials

When you’re surrounded by questions without answers and difficult circumstances but no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s easy to become disillusioned with God.

Practical Examples Of How To Re-engage Ourselves In Our Faith

There are seasons in life that are just plain dull. We get into a routine day in and day out and boredom sets in. Let's examine how this can happen in our walk with God.

Discover What To Do When Uncertainties Seem Overwhelming

Sometimes life brings us more questions than answers! Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a few questions of your own.

Looking At Our Lives From God’s Perspective

With a short-term perspective, it’s easy to get bogged down by the weight of our circumstances and the injustice we see in our lives. God has a long-range point of view.

Dealing With The Inconsistencies Of Life

Where is God when good people suffer? Where is He when men and women are rewarded for evil deeds? Tackle these tough questions and discover a solution.

Reflect On God’s Promise To Be With Us Even When It Feels Like He’s Distant

God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the ways we think He should. And when He remains silent, it can lead us to a real crisis of faith.

Discover How To Put The Focus Back On God And Away From Ourselves

Christian leaders have an immense responsibility to make sure God is the main focal point, and not themselves.

How To Handle Those Painful Times When Christian Leaders Fail

When a church leader, or respected follower of God, falls short of our expectations, how do we respond? Perhaps you’ve had to deal with this in your own life.

Are You Having A Difficult Time Accepting Christ?

Having faith in God isn’t based on a feeling you get. It’s based on believing God’s promises to you. Discover Alice’s personal struggle to come to faith as a child.

Discover What It Means To Live An Authentic Life Of Faith In God

Some people turn their back on faith because of the hypocrisy they’ve seen in church. And yet, the church is made up of imperfect people, who fail to accurately reflect God’s character.

Is Faith In God A Leap Into The Unknown?

For some, this question determines whether to embrace a life with God, or spend a life without Him. Let's tackle this significant question. Perhaps you, or a loved one, are having trouble taking that leap of faith.

The Conversion Experience Of Moses

Whether at a national conference or in the privacy of someone’s home, the choice to relinquish your life to God is deeply personal . . . and uniquely yours.

Let’s Debunk The Myth That Being A Christian Means Perfection Is Possible

Living the Christian life doesn’t mean you’ll never make a mistake. No matter how hard the perfectionist tries . . . he or she will never hit the mark! Feeling inadequate? Missing the mark? You’re in good company.