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What The Parable Of The Talents Means To Us

Sometimes when we study the Bible, the most obvious questions appear to be the most difficult to answer

PURPOSE: To have listeners understand that application has to be carefully thought out.

Sometimes when we study the Bible, the most obvious questions appear to be the most difficult to answer.

The Christmas Story From The Different Perspectives Of The Gospels

Do you like to read biographies? What is it about biographies that attracts you?

Sometimes we think of the Gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) as historians, but they are really theologians.

PURPOSE: To help listeners realize that the Gospel writers were theologians and not historians.

Do you like to read biographies? What is it about biographies that attracts you?

Getting The Most Out Of Studying The Bible

Do you think it's easy for us to read the Bible in a way different from the way God intended us to read it?

Looking To Revitalize Your Bible Reading?

Some of the stories in the Bible seem like just that . . . a good story. But seeing how those stories apply to our life is easier said than done. We'll describe the process of reading Scripture in a way that we can fully understand it and apply it to our lives.

Reading The Bible As A Form Of Narrative Literature Part 38

It’s tempting to read our favorite portions of the Bible, and ignore the ones that challenge us. Or to extract our favorite verses without an understanding of the cultural context in which they were written.

How Different Writing Styles Can Impact Our Study Of The Bible Part 39

To truly understand the Bible, we need to appreciate the different writing styles used in the Scriptures. The Spirit-inspired authors wrote poetry, narrative stories and so much more.

Explore Ways To Read The Bible As A Story, While Staying In Line With The Author’s Original Intent Part 40

The Bible is far more than a book of rules and regulations. It’s a vibrant piece of literature . . . full of narrative, poetry and instruction.

The Process Of Biblical Translation . . . And The Benefits Of Each Version Part 4

You’re sitting down with a cup of coffee, watching the morning sun out your window . . . and you pick up the Bible. Whether you’re aware of it or not, one of the most important parts in this quiet time . . . is the Bible translation you’re holding.

Do You Want To Understand The Bible Better? Part 7

Suppose you decided to drive across the country. The most valuable tool you’ll use is a road map. Now, suppose you’re reading through the Bible. What’s your plan for getting from cover to cover? Get a head start and learn the best way to navigate the Scriptures.

There’s Help In Getting The Most From God’s Word Part 8

Did you ever have to do a book review for school? Most likely, there was a specific method you used to get the most from the novel. Take the process of that school project . . . and translate it into the lifelong journey to read the books of the Bible.

A Dynamic Story Of Friendship, Betrayal, And Reconciliation Part 9

In the New Testament, there’s a little letter from Paul to Philemon. It’s often overlooked in the larger study of the Bible . . . let's open up this letter to reveal a New Testament treasure!

Getting First-things-first In Bible Study Part 10

The Bible study group on “Discover the Word” meets every day to help you know how to understand the Scriptures and you're invited to join them. In fact, grab a cup of coffee, bring your Bible and get ready for a lively conversation.

Let’s Explore Psalm 23 Part 14

Reading the Bible is an integral part of the Christian faith. But when you don’t understand what the biblical writer is trying to communicate . . . reading can become more frustrating than fruitful. In a well-loved portion of Scripture see familiar words in a fresh new way.

The Heartfelt Psalms Of Fellow Listeners Part 19

Hear several inspirational psalms . . . written, not by David . . . but by radio listeners just like you! All of us have a psalm hidden in our hearts just waiting to be written.

Practical Tips On How To Comprehend The Important Passages Of Old Testament Poetry Part 22

The Psalms in the Old Testament are eloquent expressions of the heart . . . but sometimes the writer’s words are tough to understand!