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Luke's Perspective Of The Christmas Story

Do you have a nativity scene at your house?

It's amazing how many of the images of Christmas come from the gospel of Luke. Without Luke we wouldn't have much of a Christmas visually.

PURPOSE: To point out to listeners how much we owe to Luke for what we celebrate at Christmas.

Do you have a nativity scene at your house?

John's Perspective Of The Christmas Story

Critics are fond of saying that we have very little about the birth of Jesus; it's all in Matthew and Luke. Mark doesn't mention it and neither does John. Is that really accurate?

PURPOSE: To show listeners how that prologue sets Christ apart.

Critics are fond of saying that we have very little about the birth of Jesus; it's all in Matthew and Luke. Mark doesn't mention it and neither does John. Is that really accurate?

Let’s Take Time Today To Reflect On The Deeper Meaning Of Christmas

For many people, December 25 is nothing more than a day set aside to exchange extravagant gifts. It’s become an oasis, of sorts, in the midst of the cold, dreary season. Well, this Christmas Day, take some time to reflect on the deeper meaning of Christmas . . . God coming to earth to live among us.


Let’s Examine The Story And Meaning Of The Birth Of Christ

As Christmas approaches, we’re overwhelmed with shopping, decorating our home, and entertaining family and friends. But in the middle of all those demands, it’s important to reserve time to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Celebrate The Real Reason For The Season, A King Is Born!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by reindeer and Santa Claus sightings? This Christmas, take a few moments to enjoy the refreshing dialog on the real reason for the season.

Learn More About The One Who Was Born On The Very First Christmas

The holiday season can be over-run with hard work . . . like putting up the Christmas lights, hosting parties, and then there’s the rush to get gifts under the tree. Set aside some time to be refreshed.

Celebrate With Us The Birth Of Jesus . . . And Stay Focused On This History-making Event

With all the commercial distractions of the season, it’s easy to lose sight of what actually happened on the very first Christmas.  God becoming man . . . to live among us!

Let’s Look At The Gospel Of John To Discover The Life-changing Power Of Christmas!

Christmas represents far more than just shiny packages beneath the tree. It’s a significant celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Reflect On The Significance Of Christmas And Rekindle Your Joy This Holiday Season

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So often, Christmas day signals the end of a chaotic December . . . and little more. This Christmas day, enjoy a special edition of “Discover the Word.”

Look At The Life Of Jesus To Find Examples Of God’s Unconditional Love

Feel like you’re beyond redemption? No matter what bad decisions you’ve made in the past, God’s forgiveness and grace can be yours to claim.

Consider A Make-believe Savior, And The One True Messiah

If you were to imagine a king, a ruler that would come to set our nation free, what would he look like? Would he be wealthy? Have charisma? Be a spokesman who stands up for your rights?

A Christmas Carol That Will Inspire Hope When Discouragement Creeps In

If you’ve lost a loved one, you know the heartache that comes during the holidays. Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep moving through the day. Discover the story of a man who moved from despair to faith.

A Special Series On The History Of Our Favorite Christmas Carols

The familiar strains of Christmas carols fill the air this time of year. You hear them in grocery stores, in malls, in church services. But they aren’t mere melodies. For some the history goes back thousands of years. Let's get in the true spirit of Christmas!

Discover The Hidden Meaning Behind A Familiar Christmas Carol

The familiar Christmas tune, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," is often considered a silly song designed for children to sing. You might be surprised at what the partridge in a pear tree represents!

A Captivating Story About A Christmas Carol That Inspired Peace

A young man wrote the favorite Christmas carol, "Angels from the Realms of Glory," during a time when slavery and oppression ran rampant. When two countries were at odds, this young revolutionary published a poem that inspired peace in the land.