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Jesus’ offer to join Him in His ministry of compassion

Two thousand years ago, Jesus began a movement that fed the hungry, comforted the hurting, and offered grace to the brokenhearted. Ready to get involved? Our study in Matthew 9 concludes .

Let’s ponder Jesus’ request for workers

Face-to-face with the desperate needs of people we know, we might pray that God brings them comfort. But could God be asking us to be the ones to meet their need? Are we willing to say, “Lord, send me”?

A challenge to change our perspective on those in need

Some saw him as a culprit to blame. Others viewed him as a mystery to solve. But the religious leaders saw the blind man in John chapter 9 as a problem to avoid! Do we view them as people to love or interruptions to ignore?

Discover Jesus’ response to an impossible dilemma

From a human perspective, there was no good solution. Jesus shouldn’t forgive the woman caught in adultery, but He wouldn’t condemn her either! Our series in John chapter 8 continues.

An important discussion about the dangers of exploiting others

Ever notice how easy it is to mix up our priorities? It happens when we love things and use people, instead of loving people and using things!

Job’s place in Scripture, and the lessons we can learn from this story of faith

Compared to the uplifting or encouraging books of the Bible, the book of Job seems to stand out like a sore thumb.

Let’s conclude our study on the Roman centurion in Matthew 8

Want to know how to shock and amaze God? This soldier said something that astonished Jesus, and in so doing, gave us an inspiring example.

Let’s continue our study on the Roman centurion in Matthew 8

It’s been said that the best test of a person’s character is how he treats people who have nothing to offer. How this soldier cared for those close to him is a good example for all of us!

Discover a Roman soldier’s love for God’s people, and the faith that selfless compassion reveals

It’s easy to love those who love you back. But it’s much harder to love those who despise you!

Let’s turn to John chapter 11 and find that God has compassion for us in every situation!

When troubles pile up and we reach the end of our rope, we may start to wonder if God really cares about us. Let's talk honestly about those times when we doubt God’s love.

Discover Jesus’ response to a suffering father and son

When trials overwhelm us and we reach the end of our rope, the question we often ask is, “Lord, don’t You care?” Let's study Jesus’ response to that important question. We find His answer in Mark chapter 9. Hear the conclusion of our series.

Jesus’ interaction with a sick child and a worried dad struggling to have faith

When our son or daughter is sick all we want to do is take away their pain. We try to soothe the sickness away. But sometimes the illness is so severe, we’re rendered helpless.

Discover a greater story that impacts each of us personally

The story of Jesus and the leper could just be another amazing miracle in the Bible with no relevance to our lives today. There’s a greater story at play here. One that impacts each of us personally!

Discover the God who cares

You might be able to fake a smile. Perhaps even force some tears. But one emotion it’s impossible to counterfeit is true compassion. A biblical illustration of Jesus’ genuine compassion for us.

A powerful illustration on the compassion of Christ

Let's continue our study in Mark, chapter one. It’s the story of a man stricken with a deadly disease, and his personal appointment with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.