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What It Takes And Doesn’t Take To Get Into Heaven

Some people seem to have it all together, but what about one minute after they die?

Finding The True Nature Of God The Father, And God The Son

Some people see God as an angry judge just waiting for us to mess up. And then, in contrast, they read how Jesus helped the poor and downtrodden. It can be hard to reconcile these two profiles!

An Invitation For Us To Offer Our Work In Worship To God

Perhaps your daily tasks seem menial in the grand scheme of things. Well, you don’t have to work in a church or a ministry to serve God!

Discover A Fresh Perspective On Your Occupation

For many, work is drudgery. It puts the food on the table, but doesn’t satisfy the inner need for purpose in our souls. Looking for energy to get through your daily assignments? Feel a little confused about the future?

How the fractured parts of our families bring us closer to God

When a prized possession in our home shatters, we’re prone to simply throw away the pieces. Thankfully, that’s not what God does with broken things! Looking to put the pieces back together in your family?

Discover how it's our very brokenness that makes us candidates for serving the Lord

Ever feel like all the flaws in your family history make you ineligible for God’s work? Maybe you’ve heard God’s call for your life, but don’t feel qualified to accept. It's the conclusion of the series “The Beauty of Broken.”

How to gain wisdom when handling both victories and losses with grace

No matter how smart we are, we won’t win every argument. So how can we be humble when we win and gracious when we lose? Let's study the book of Job.