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Practical Ways You Can Help Those Dealing With Unemployment Or The Loss Of Income

In this difficult economy, a lot of people are out of work or suffering from a loss of income. We see it on the news, in our communities, in our churches, and even in our own homes.

Discover Practical Tools For Launching A Successful Job Search

Looking for a job is never easy, but when the economy is tanking and new jobs are scarce, it can feel downright discouraging.

Discover Practical Tools On How To Get Through A Season Of Unemployment

So much of our life is spent at work. And when we lose a job, it can deliver a crushing blow.

The Relational Fallout Of Job Loss And Working Through The Grieving Process Together

When someone loses their job, they aren’t the only ones affected. Often a spouse feels the pain just as deeply.

One Man Shares His Personal Story About Dealing With Job Loss

The number of people out of work right now is staggering. Perhaps you’ve recently lost a job, or you know someone who has. After spending years helping others deal with job termination, Chuck shares his own story about dealing with job loss.

Discover How To Bring Meaning To Your Ordinary Work Day

It’s not always easy to find significance and meaning in the mundane assignments on our plate everyday. Bring new life to your workweek with a thought-provoking study in Ephesians.

Find Encouragement For Getting Through The Work Week In The Book Of Ephesians

God’s Word has a lot to say about our occupation, and how we spend our time! Let's open up the book of Ephesians.

Discover A Fresh Perspective On Your Occupation

For many, work is drudgery. It puts the food on the table, but doesn’t satisfy the inner need for purpose in our souls. Looking for energy to get through your daily assignments? Feel a little confused about the future?

The Importance Of Being Prepared When It Comes To Choosing A Job, Or Walking Away From One

If you’ve ever been asked to go against your beliefs to keep your job, you know the tough decision at stake. It’s important to be prepared for those tough choices well in advance.

An Insightful Conversation About Our Occupation

From the moment we‘re old enough to speak, we’re asked what we want to do when we grow up. And while it’s cute to hear a four-year-old talk about being a fireman or a ballet dancer, it’s a question at the heart of each of our lives, no matter our age.

What God’s Word Says About Employment, Giftedness, And How We Should Invest Our Talents

What are you doing for God today? Whether we work in an office, or in the home, on a job site, or drive a truck, whatever we do, we’re to give it our very best. Let's find guidance in God’s Word.

Discover What The Bible Says About Our Employment

Life is full of choices, ranging from what will I have for lunch, to what career should I choose. Find practical help, whether you work in an office, or in the home.

What Does God’s Call On Our Lives Really Mean?

It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about God’s calling in their life. Our calling may be more about our attitude and desire to serve God, than it is our employment position or geographical location.

Understanding God’s Call On Our Lives

It’s possible to spend years searching for what God wants you to do with your life, and still not feel like you’ve figured it out! Our faith in God is key to finding our purpose.

Is It Possible You’re Right Where God Wants You At This Very Moment?

Are you in a job you love, or are you waiting for the right opportunity? Find out how serving God is more about your heart attitude and less about your job location.