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Secret Sins In Relation To The 10th Commandment

What is the difference between crimes and sins.

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand that God is concerned both with sinful acts and secret sins.

What is the difference between crimes and sins.

The Battle Of Ideas In Our World Today

Do you think that most Christians regard the Christian faith as competing in a battle of ideas?

PURPOSE: To help listeners realize that ideas matter.

Do you think that most Christians regard the Christian faith as competing in a battle of ideas?

Postmodern Thought (part 1 Of 2)

We live in a pluralistic society.

What does that mean?

Are all the ideas in our society of equal value?

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand why "truth" matters.

We live in a pluralistic society.

A Look At The Christian Culture Part 5

When we visit a foreign country, it’s easy to spot the differences in cultures. Local customs and the way people respond are different than we’re used to. Ever find that your beliefs collide with those around you--even in your own hometown?

Let’s Examine The Story And Meaning Of The Birth Of Christ

As Christmas approaches, we’re overwhelmed with shopping, decorating our home, and entertaining family and friends. But in the middle of all those demands, it’s important to reserve time to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Celebrate The Real Reason For The Season, A King Is Born!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by reindeer and Santa Claus sightings? This Christmas, take a few moments to enjoy the refreshing dialog on the real reason for the season.

The Contrasting Views Of Sigmund Freud And C. S. Lewis

Pain is a part of life. And for many, it’s difficult to reconcile the suffering in the world, to the existence of a loving, benevolent God. Special guest Dr. Armand Nicholi address the problem of pain.

A Insightful Look Into Two Brilliant Minds Of The Twentieth Century

Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis -- a stark contrast in worldviews.

Look To God’s Word For Help When Mixing Politics And Religion

For centuries, religious wars and political battles have been fought in the name of God. Look to God’s Word for help with sensitive cultural issues.

A Special Series On The History Of Our Favorite Christmas Carols

The familiar strains of Christmas carols fill the air this time of year. You hear them in grocery stores, in malls, in church services. But they aren’t mere melodies. For some the history goes back thousands of years. Let's get in the true spirit of Christmas!

Discover The Hidden Meaning Behind A Familiar Christmas Carol

The familiar Christmas tune, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," is often considered a silly song designed for children to sing. You might be surprised at what the partridge in a pear tree represents!

Discover The Meaning Behind The Familiar Christmas Carol, “good King Wenceslas”

As followers of God, we’re called to take care of the poor. "Good King Wenceslas" is the compelling story about a compassionate king who had a heart for the less fortunate.

A Prescription For Overcoming Worry Part 25

So many of us are prone to worry. We churn over our kids, our jobs, and our future. Let's look at Matthew 6, verse 24. Perhaps you’ve been anxious lately.

The historical details surrounding Jesus’ birth

We’re familiar with the characters, setting, and storyline of the birth of Jesus. But is the Christmas story we’ve come to know really how it all happened? The conversation is sure to surprise you!

Let’s look at some surprising details surrounding Jesus’ birth

A classic nativity display includes Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men, animals, and baby Jesus . . . all together under the roof of a quaint stable. We’ll discover that our nativity scenes may not represent the actual Christmas story! A special Christmas study.