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Be encouraged by how Jesus handles our sin with truth and grace

She had been caught red-handed. Exposed publicly for her sin of adultery, the woman in John 8 certainly didn’t expect any mercy from Jesus or the crowd.

Have You Ever Longed For A Place Of Love And Acceptance?

Some anecdotes are timeless. They speak to people across generations, across cultures. Let's study Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.

How God Helps Those Who Are Lost Find Their Way Back Home

Nobody sets out deliberately to get lost. You just go along making choices until suddenly you look around and wonder how you got here.

An Allegory Of God’s Love For The Lost

In Luke chapter 15, Jesus tells a story of a shepherd who leaves his entire flock in order to search for one lost sheep. Be encouraged as Haddon Robinson reflects on this important teaching.

Do You Wrestle With The Issue Of Sin In The Life Of The Faithful Follower Of God?

No matter how hard we try, we can’t be all good all the time. Is that where God rescues us? A little faith in a great God makes all the difference!

Feel Like You’re Beyond Redemption?

We’ve all made mistakes we regret. Perhaps you’re living out the consequences of a recent decision. But hope is not lost! Let us introduce you to the “God of second chances.”

God May Have A Larger Plan In Motion For You

When we disobey God, why doesn’t He punish us on the spot? You’d think that would be the quickest way to keep us in line!

A Look At Samson’s Downfall -- His Demise Was Fully Influenced By The Company He Kept

Growing up, your mother always said to choose your friends wisely. And when you became a parent . . . you remind your kids to do the very same thing.

The Important Topic Of Compromise As We Explore The Fascinating Life Of Samson

Compromise is a slippery slope. One small infraction leads to another and another . . . and pretty soon you’re compromising everything you once held dear. Feel caught in the trap of a few poor choices in your life?

A Fascinating Dialogue On The Life Of Samson

Love is a wonderful thing. But if we’re not careful, the wrong kind of relationship can pull us away from our devotion to God. At times, love can be deceiving . . . and lead us away from the God we need most.

The Importance Of Answering God’s Call In The Choices We Make

While many choices you make throughout the day are inconsequential, others have the capacity to change your life. Perhaps you’re facing some major decisions right now.

Explore Ways To Debate Issues With Christlike Love

Disagreements are part of daily life. And how we handle conflict is of great importance to God. Having difficulty addressing a difference in opinion? Don’t miss the practical advice.

What It Means To Be A Follower Of Christ In Our Culture

Is there a difference between a Christian rock band and Christians in a rock band? How about a Christian business verses a Christian in a business? Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?

Living In Today’s Society While Nurturing A Vital Relationship With God

As Christians we’re called to be different . . . “set apart” . . . from the world. And yet, we live in a culture unsympathetic with our values.

What It Means To Be A Christian In Today’s Society

No one is immune from problems. Even Christians struggle with alcoholism, abuse, adultery, and divorce. So what sets us apart from the rest of the world?