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A Lively Discussion On The Heart Of Worship

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the praise music at church. The beat is good, the melody is catchy, and you know some of the lyrics from songs on the radio. But does good music equate to sincere worship?

Get Focused On The One Who Deserves Our Praise

When we read about the great heroes of the Bible . . . it’s easy to focus our attention on what those men and women accomplished . . . rather than praising God for His work in and through them! Could we be missing the point?

A Christmas Carol Designed To Reveal The Hope We Have In Christ

Christmas isn’t a joyful time for everyone. For some it’s a lonely time thinking about a family member already gone. Or perhaps a nerve-racking season when finances are stretched thin. Discover hope even In the Bleak Midwinter.

Discover How God Cares A Great Deal About Your Work

You may be surprised to hear that the Bible says a lot about your occupation. So often we think God only cares about the spiritual aspect of our lives, but God also cares about our work.

A Fascinating Discussion About Your Occupation

Your work, your attitude, your service, matters to God! God wants to engage us in every aspect of our lives, even on the job!

Take A Look At How Your Faith And Your Job Intersect

Sometimes work is boring. And at times, the monotony is more than you can bear! Well, even when the routine makes you feel insignificant, you can be sure that your work matters to God!

Discover the true harmony Christ accomplished in the past, present, and future

At Jesus’ birth, an army of angels declared “peace on earth.” Yet, as we look around today, both personal and global conflicts remain. So where’s this peace that was promised? Let's discuss Jesus’ role as “Prince of Peace.”