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Samson – A Man Who Made Poor Decisions Over And Over Again . . . And Yet Was Used Mightily By God Part 24

God has a purpose for your life. And He’s working through events and people to accomplish that purpose.  

The Story Of A Man Who Seemed Lost Forever Part 44

Some people seem to make bad choices over and over again, until they’re so far off course you wonder if they’ll ever recover.  Perhaps you’re stuck in your own regret today.

The Reality Of Forgiveness . . . And The Consequences Of Taking Your Own Path Part 47

Was there a time in your life when you chose to follow your own way instead of God’s? It’s possible you’re struggling with some life-changing decisions right now.

Jephthah, A Man Who Had A Heart For God, But Made Some Choices With Dire Consequences Part 50

Even the best intentions don’t always keep us out of trouble. We mean well . . . but still manage to make poor choices as we live day to day.

A Much-debated Passage Of Scripture About A Man Who Made A Rash Vow To God Part 57

What you think of God shapes the choices you make throughout your life. And when your view of God isn’t based on truth, the results can be devastating. 

When Our Perception Of God Is Wrong, Our Choices Are Affected Part 60

Without a solid foundation of Bible knowledge, our view of God can be tainted. Let's look at the story of Jephthah in the Old Testament. A man whose wrong understanding of God cost him the life of his daughter.

How To Deal With Current-day Problems That Aren’t Mentioned In The Scriptures Part 50

When you’re trying to discern right from wrong, the Bible gives clarity and conviction. But what about the pressing issues of our day that are never mentioned in the Scriptures?

Staying Strong In Your Walk With God

Let's look at the challenge of living a life of faith. So much of life is spent in the mundane details of daily living. Find a daily dose of strength to keep you going.

Discover If Faith Makes You Fearless

Is anxiety keeping you up at night? With financial worries, concern for your kids, fear of the unknown in a medical situation; there are lots of things that compete with our peace.

Look To The One Who Has Power Over Your Fears

Fear has a way of debilitating us. Perhaps you’re facing a financial crisis right now. Or a family member is struggling with a medical issue and the outcome is uncertain. Looking for a way to conquer your fears?

What Jesus Says About Heaven And Hell And What That Means For Us Part 22

We get into dangerous territory when we look to the New Testament to find out what lies beyond death’s door.

How The Choices We Make Each Day Define Our Life Now, And For Eternity Part 23

How many choices do we make each day? Hundreds? Perhaps thousands? No matter how many options you sort through every hour, there’s one that will define your life.

Do You Wrestle With The Issue Of Sin In The Life Of The Faithful Follower Of God?

No matter how hard we try, we can’t be all good all the time. Is that where God rescues us? A little faith in a great God makes all the difference!

Questions To Consider When Making Important Decisions

There’s a stigma in our society about seeking counsel from a licensed therapist. Perhaps you, or someone you love, has wondered if it’s okay as a follower of God to get help from a professional.

Find Out How To Make Choices That Are Pleasing To God Part 1

How do we know God's will when tough decisions need to be made? Perhaps you’re at a crossroad of decision right now.