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The Life Of A Man Who Followed All The Religious Regulations . . . But Missed Out On A Relationship With God Part 8

Some churches tend to celebrate rules. A list of do’s and don’ts that dictate how we should live. Don’t smoke, don’t drink . . . and by all means, make sure you’re in church every Sunday!

Haddon Robinson Shares A Profound Truth About Forgiveness Part 20

Terms like guilt and shame are not usually something brought up in daily conversation. And yet, we’ve all felt them at one time or another. Perhaps you feel weighed down by something you’ve done in the past.

An Honest Discussion On Who We Are In Relation To Our Creator Part 34

Have you ever experienced moments of clear understanding . . . when you caught a glimpse of God’s character?

A Thought-provoking Discussion On Believing In The Invisible God

One of the most difficult things to understand about faith . . . is the necessity to believe in the unseen. We prefer to trust what is tangible and solid.

Hot Topics That Start Quarrels Among Couples Part 29

It’s impossible for two people to share life together and never get into a disagreement. Conflict is inevitable, even in a strong marriage!

Communicating, Especially In Times Of Conflict, Is Key To Developing A Close, Intimate Relationship Part 31

When disagreements arise in marriage . . . sometimes it’s easier to keep quiet rather than argue. Not seeing eye to eye with your spouse?

Challenges We Face In Sharing Our Heart With Others Part 33

Communication is more than just talking about the weather. Often it involves divulging our most private thoughts . . . at the risk of someone else’s scrutiny.

Practical Ways To Handle Those Touchy Situations At Home Part 34

Anger isn’t unique to marriage . . . but it can certainly be intensified within the close relationship between husband and wife. Perhaps you’re dealing with a particular “hot spot” in your relationship.

Practical Tools To Get Through Those Tough Conversations Part 35

When disagreements flare up in relationships . . . you can’t always shy away from confrontation. Sometimes the issue is just too big to let go. Struggling through an issue with a loved one?

The Dangers Of Avoiding Conflict In Marriage Part 36

Unaddressed issues are the enemy of strong, healthy marriages. Biblical advice on how to resolve disagreements in your home . . .

Practical Advice For Making Tough Choices Part 3

Life is full of difficult choices. What college to attend, what house to buy, what job to take. Encouragement us to trust God with those major decisions. 

How You Can Be Freed From The Guilt And Frustration Once And For All! Part 42

Perhaps you know what it feels like to be trapped in a bad habit or wrong behavior. Sin blinds us to the truth.

A Helpful Discussion On How To Grow Older Without Growing Bitter Part 8

Life rarely turns out as we imagined. As the years roll by and dreams go unfulfilled . . . it’s easy to sink into discouragement. 

An Authentic Discussion About The Reality Of Doubt Part 8

There are times when life just doesn’t seem fair. When bad things happen to good people. It’s in those moments that doubts can creep in.

Looking At Our Lives From God’s Perspective

With a short-term perspective, it’s easy to get bogged down by the weight of our circumstances and the injustice we see in our lives. God has a long-range point of view.