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Encouragement To Keep Our Eyes Focused On Our Creator, Not On Our Trials

When you’re surrounded by questions without answers and difficult circumstances but no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s easy to become disillusioned with God.

Beginning A New Series On The Tenth Commandment, “You Shall Not Covet” Part 1

You only have to watch a few minutes of television before you’re bombarded with advertisements for everything under the sun. There are so many things out there you never knew you always needed!

Where Is The Line Drawn Between Healthy Desires And Unhealthy Ones? Part 2

We all know what it means to want something, to see what someone else has and wish we could have something similar. Let's examine the tenth commandment, you shall not covet.

Take An Insightful Look Into The Tenth Commandment Part 3

It’s not wrong to have desires, to want a home, a family, a good life. But what happens when our “wants” become obsessions? Enjoy a helpful discussion to strengthen your faith!

Discover How Covetousness Is At The Heart Of Materialism Part 4

Each of us has an innate desire to acquire more and more stuff, to satisfy a longing in our hearts. And if we’re not careful, we can take those desires too far.

A Fresh Perspective On Enjoying What God Has Given You, Without Going Overboard Part 5

Throughout history godly men and women have looked for ways to avoid letting their desires take priority in their life. It’s not easy! Let's unravel the tenth commandment, which says, “You shall not covet.”

The Warning Signs Of A Covetous Spirit, And How To Step Back And Avoid Getting In Too Deep Part 6

How far is too far in chasing your desires? At what point does coveting come in and take control?

Taming The Green-eyed Monster That Lurks In Each Of Our Hearts Part 7

When envy strikes, it lays hold of our contentment and brings us no peace. Perhaps someone else received the promotion you wanted. Or a friend is successfully using her talents while you’re struggling to figure out if you have any talents at all.

The Tentative Relationship Between Happiness And Possessions Part 8

Most of us know what it’s like to chase after something we’d love to own, only to discover that owning it doesn’t make us happy at all! It’s part of the study on the tenth commandment, “you shall not covet.”

The Sin Of Covetousness And Its Dangerous Effect On Our Lives Part 9

There can be nothing wrong with wanting a bigger house or a nicer car, but when those desires become obsessions, it’s not long before we cross a line.

What Followers Of God Can Do To Keep Their “wants” From Becoming Obsessions Part 10

In a materialistic culture that calls for “bigger and better,” it’s difficult finding contentment with the deluge of options we’re presented.

Looking At The Dissatisfaction That Comes From Coveting Part 11

The accumulation of possessions and wealth rarely leaves a person satisfied. Often they continue wanting just a little bit more. Perhaps you find yourself unhappy with what you have right now.

Uncover The Symptoms Of Coveting That Reveal Its Toxic Presence In Our Lives Part 12

We don’t often think of sin as we would a disease ravaging our body, and yet, sin is toxic to our lives and ultimately to our souls. Look at the tenth commandment, “You shall not covet.”

Discover How To Keep From Letting Our “wants” Get In The Way Of Our Service To God And Others Part 13

Do you ever find that the more you get, the more you want? Whether it’s the amount in your bank account, or in your garage, it’s not easy to be content with what we have!

Discover What It Means To Be Content With What We Have Part 14

Contentment is often an elusive quality. Here one minute and gone the next. What does it mean to be content with what we have, in a world offering more of what we don’t need?