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When God Doesn't Give Explanations, He Gives Himself

A friend of mine who went through a university where his faith came under strong attack said that he kept his faith by realizing that all of his questions didn't have to be

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand the power of a new perspective.

A friend of mine who went through a university where his faith came under strong attack said that he kept his faith by realizing that all of his questions didn't have to be answered by the end of the semester. Do you think that was a good strategy for dealing with doubts?

God Is With Us No Matter What Messes We've Made

Living a life of faith doesn’t mean we’ll never make mistakes. No matter how close a relationship with God we enjoy, we are still imperfect human beings. No, a life of faith isn’t perfect, but trusting God to lift us from our failures will deepen our relationship with Him.

Enriching Your Prayer Life And Your Relationship With God

Have you ever felt that you have been "used" by someone? What happened? How did you feel? Do you think it is possible for us to "use" God?

How To Keep Your Prayer Life Fresh And Vital

The Bible says of Enoch and Noah that they walked with God. We are trying to unpack what that image meant for them and what it means for us. We have said that walking with God has a sense of intimacy and relationship. That intimacy grows as we...

How To Respond With Grace To Those Who Oppose Christianity Part 38

In this world of increasing options, Christians are sometimes looked upon as being intolerant of other walks of faith. Solid counsel on how to respond with grace to those who oppose Christianity.

How God's Grace Enables Us To Be Gracious And Patient With Others

Psalm 103:10 states that the Lord, “does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.” That’s a relief, isn’t it? God is patient with us in spite of our sin!

How God Interacts With Us On A Daily Basis . . . Through Good Times And Bad Part 19

Does receiving blessings mean everything in life is going great? Or is it possible to receive God’s blessings even in the darkest times?

New Perspective On The Metaphors In The Bible Part 28

Walk with God . . . running the good race . . . I am the vine, you are the branches . . . those phrases all portray the Christian life. Unfortunately, sometimes these biblical references become clichés when over-used. 

What It Means To Be “blameless” Before God Part 29

Genesis 17 verse 1, says “God came to Abraham and said, ‘I am Almighty God.  Walk before Me and be blameless.’” Does that mean we need to live perfect lives? If so, it seems that perfection isn’t happening any time soon! 

Learning How To Build A Deeper Confidence In God Part 43

Trusting God is paramount in developing a close relationship with Him. So how do we build a deeper confidence in God?

An Insightful Discussion On Prayer

Communication is key to building relationships. So how often do you talk to God? Once a day? Maybe a couple times a week? Finding it hard to talk to God on a regular basis? You’ll enjoy this special edition of “Discover the Word” with Philip Yancey.

A Practical Look At Prayer

It’s easy to get in the habit of praying when we want something from God. Almost like we’re presenting Him with a Christmas wish list. Is there more to prayer than a shopping list of requests?

How To Have A Natural, Honest Conversation With God

Think of a conversation you’ve had with a close friend or loved one . . . what characteristics do you see? Were you laughing together, arguing over something, discussing the details of your day? Having difficulty with your prayer life? 

Let’s Uncover The Ways God Reveals Himself To Us Part 65

Everyone’s journey of faith is uniquely scripted. We start out knowing a little bit about God, but as we experience Him through the different trials and joys of life, our understanding grows deeper. Perhaps you’re having trouble seeing God in your present circumstance.

An Insightful Dialogue On Testing Part 70

More often than not, we don’t fully understand God’s ultimate purpose for the trials in our lives. But during those difficult times, we can hold on to the truth that God can bring good out of our pain. Perhaps you’re going through tough times right now. Find encouragement on today.