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A Woman Known For Her Unsavory Past And Still Accepted By A Loving God

We’ve all made mistakes and done things we aren’t proud of . . . and yet, God continues to welcome us with open arms.

God Uses An Ordinary Woman To Bring About An Extraordinary Victory For His People

 A dramatic rendition of the battle of Jericho from the Bible. 

A Deep Belief In God Can Be Expressed Through Our Actions

Many people think of faith as an ethereal concept . . . nothing more than wishful thinking . . . with little or  no tangible proof. Would you like a fresh perspective on faith?

A Lively Discussion On The Consequences Of Choosing To Reject God

So many people turn their backs on God out of fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of giving up their freedom and liberties. 

Finding It Difficult To Trust God With The Unknowns?

Some people enjoy taking risks, the thrill of the unexplored venture, while others prefer to play it safe. Let's take a look at the risks involved in the life of faith.

Take An Honest Look At God’s Grace-filled Work Through His People

So often we think God can’t use us because of all the mistakes we’ve made. And yet, the Bible has countless examples of ordinary, imperfect people used by a holy God.