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Discover How The Culture Ruth Lived In Isn’t Very Different From Our Own Part 5

It’s easy to feel removed from the ancient people of the Bible, that their stories are irrelevant to us in the twenty-first century.

Let’s Take A Deeper Look Into Ruth’s Life Part 8

The Bible is filled with stories about real people, making decisions and trying to live an obedient life of faith.

Discover The Biblical Story Of Ruth Part 9

During a season of political unrest, a time when famine had reached across the land, a woman lost her husband and two sons. Stranded in a foreign land with two widowed daughters-in-law, the future looked heavy and dark.

How God Works In Our Darkest Hours To Bring About Blessing Part 11

There’s no getting around it. Most of life is just plain ol’ difficult! Let's talk about God’s intervention in our darkest hours, and how God works to bring about blessing.

Discover How God Works In The Ordinary Events We Confront Every Day Part 13

Even when we don’t see it, God is at work, orchestrating His plan in our lives. Enjoy a fascinating discussion based on the book of Ruth.

Let’s Reflect On The Commitment Ruth Makes To Naomi Part 14

There are times when love outweighs logic. Our heart takes us to illogical and unlikely places, in spite of the difficulties that may bring. Let's study the lives of these great women of the Bible.

The Impact Of Ruth’s Unconventional Promise To Her Mother-in-law, Naomi Part 15

When a man and woman unite in the bond of marriage, they are making a lifetime commitment to one another. Let's discuss the impact commitment has on our lives.

How Ruth’s commitment can reflect the marriage vows of a man and woman Part 16

In the book of Ruth chapter one, Ruth tells her mother-in-law, “Where you go I will go . . . Your God will be my God.”

Ruth’s profound commitment when she chooses to receive Naomi’s God as her own Part 21

Let's continue an in-depth study in the book of Ruth. We’ll see how uncommon it was in the Old Testament for foreigners to embrace the one true God.

Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and the deep impact it would have on her life Part 22

Imagine moving to another country. You don’t know the language. You don’t know the customs and traditions. You’re leaving all that’s familiar behind.

Ruth’s remarkable step of faith and trust Part 23

Faith in God can take you to unexpected places. For Ruth, it meant moving to a foreign land, with no prospect of finding a husband or starting a family.

God’s involvement in both good times, and bad Part 24

When an earthquake devastates a nation, or a tornado uproots a city, we often wonder why God allows such destruction to take place. Are you trying to make sense of a difficult circumstance?

Looking at Naomi’s life to find insight into dealing with tragedy Part 25

When hard times come, and we begin to lose heart, we don’t always see God’s hand. In fact, we can begin to doubt He knows what we’re going through!

God’s plan can emerge, even out of our lowest points of disappointment Part 26

When life has dealt blow after difficult blow, sometimes we wonder if God has deserted us. That’s where we find the Old Testament character, Naomi, when we pick up our study in the book of Ruth.

Finding hope that God can work mightily, even in the difficult seasons Part 27

When the storms of life rage around you, and there’s no end in sight, how do you hold on to hope? Enjoy Naomi's plight portrayed in a special dramatization.