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How the good, the bad, and even the ugly parts of life can reflect the good news of Jesus

Some chapters of life we’d be proud to share with others. And then there are the pages filled with regret and longing, with wayward decisions we’d prefer not to share with anyone. A lesson from the life of Samson.

Is it possible to see Jesus even in a person like Samson?

You may have grown up hearing the story of Samson and Delilah. The mistakes and poor decisions Samson made seem to live on in infamy. In truth, his life serves as a cautionary tale about indulging our sinful desires.

Discover how God used Samson’s sins and failures to accomplish a greater purpose

There are some mistakes we may think are past redemption. But when God’s involved, He can use even those most wayward decisions to further His plan! A message of hope.

Find hope for your broken expectations

If you’ve ever experienced a broken dream, a bitter disappointment, or a crushing regret then you know what it’s like to experience unfulfilled expectations. Let's walk the trail of broken promises Samson left behind him, and reveal how God redeemed each one!

Let’s turn our attention to the flawed and vulnerable leader named Samson

The men and women found in Scripture can act as mirrors. The more we gaze at them . . . the more we see ourselves, and our desperate need for a Savior! Join us for a brand-new series.

Discover how God often works outside the box of predictability

Are you a person of routine? Do you find stability in established processes? More from our study in Mark chapter 8.

A blind man’s interaction with Jesus, and the healing he found at Christ’s hands

Pain often takes us out of our comfort zone. But what if God’s answer to our problem lies in those unwanted places?

How Jesus answered the prayer of a blind man in an unexpected way

Faced with a difficult problem, we analyze all the possible solutions and formulate how to achieve the best result. But God has a habit of working outside our confined expectations! We’re studying Mark chapter 8.

An inspiring discussion about doing what we can, together

Can you imagine what would happen if all the followers of Jesus started working together? This world would be a much different place! Don't miss this end of the series.

Why we should continue to express our love for God, even when it’s not popular

Have you ever been criticized, maligned, or rejected because of your love for the Lord? The same thing happened to Mary of Bethany! A motivating discussion about Mark 14.

Discover how God’s love frees us from the guilt of our past and allows us to make the most of the present

Have you ever looked back with regret on missed opportunities—those the things you should have done, or words you should have said? We’re talking about Mark 14.

Why doing what we can is all that we’re asked to do

We read about the heroic actions of faithful men and women in Scripture and think, "There’s no way I could do what they did!" Another insightful discussion with the group.

How embracing God’s love can radically change how we live

We may have heard the extent of God’s love for us. But to truly accept the awesome fact that we are loved by the God of the universe can be a stretch! More from our study in Mark 14.

Why simply loving the Lord with who we are and what we have, is all God asks

Ever feel like even the best you could do is never enough? That you’ll never meet the expectations placed on you? More from our study in Mark, chapter 14.