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Let's take God’s message of healing to those in need

Dealing with painful circumstances tends to draw us inward. Sometimes we even forget there are others around us struggling with brokenness and sorrow as well! We’re learning how to share “The Beauty of Broken.”

How to see God’s goodness through the cracks of our family relationships

Maybe your family portrait isn’t what you thought it would be. And even when we try to touch up the picture of our home life, the flaws still show through. We’re talking about “The Beauty of Broken.”

Encouragement For Facing Some Serious Trials

Even in our darkest moments, God is right there with us. But sometimes it’s difficult to feel His presence, isn’t it? Find refreshment right now.

Encouragement For Those Running The Race Of The Christian Life

Ever feel as though the tests of your faith just keep coming? Just as soon as you leap over one hurdle, there’s another one . . . and another one. Having trouble seeing the finish line?


Stories Of Courageous Men And Women Of Faith

When you hear the word courage, what comes to mind? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines courage as “mental or moral strength to persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Sometimes the call to faith is one that takes tenacity.

Abraham And His Faith

As we look at Abraham and his faith we find that people of faith have flaws. We need to understand that those whom God works with are at best very imperfect people.

Have A Little Faith In A Big God Makes All The Difference

What would you say to someone who reads about a man like Abraham in the Bible and understands that Abraham was a person of faith, but dismisses what the Bible says by saying, "I don't have faith like that"?

Our Part In God's Provision

If we trust God to provide everything we need, does that mean we can just sit back and take a vacation? That we just wait for God to pour out His blessings?

Scripture That Uncovers The Important Connection Between Faith And Action

Hebrews 11 puts a great emphasis on the faith of Abel, Enoch and Noah. If their faith alone saved them, what is the place of actions in relationship to faith?

The Realities Noah Faced In Building The Ark

Do you like to do crossword puzzles? Do you do them in ink or pencil? When you see the solution to the puzzle printed out, does its appearance differ much from your effort to solve the puzzle?

What It Means To Be A Friend Of God

Can you think of times in your life when there was someone you really wanted to please? Can you think of anyone who has really pleased you? Can you describe that? Can you imagine "pleasing" God?

Have You Ever Tried To Get God's Attention?

Are you easy to please? Do you know anyone who is not easy to please? How do you think most people would answer the question, "How do you please God?"

God Values The Heart Of The Giver, Not The Gift Being Given

The gift that matters most is the one given out of love and sincerity. When we give with false motives or a poor attitude, the value of our gift is diminished.

How The Holy Spirit And The Bible Work Together

Do you believe that the Holy Spirit indwells us?

Do you think He convicts us of sin and leads us to do what God wants us to do?

PURPOSE: To help listeners see the Law as God's directions for living.

Do you believe that the Holy Spirit indwells us?

Being Godly--does It Depend On You Or On God?

Several years ago a group of ministerial students was asked, "What does the spiritual life look like?" They responded:

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand that spirituality by works can be as futile as justification by works.

Several years ago a group of ministerial students was asked, "What does the spiritual life look like?" They responded: