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Let’s turn our attention to the flawed and vulnerable leader named Samson

The men and women found in Scripture can act as mirrors. The more we gaze at them . . . the more we see ourselves, and our desperate need for a Savior! Join us for a brand-new series.

Listen to the book of Ruth

Discover the amazing ways God provided for a grieving and hopeless widow, her loyal "outsider" daughter-in-law, and a gracious man of integrity.

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

How Ruth’s commitment can reflect the marriage vows of a man and woman

In the book of Ruth chapter one, Ruth tells her mother-in-law, “Where you go I will go . . . Your God will be my God.”

The Impact Of Ruth’s Unconventional Promise To Her Mother-in-law, Naomi

When a man and woman unite in the bond of marriage, they are making a lifetime commitment to one another. Let's discuss the impact commitment has on our lives.

Let’s Reflect On The Commitment Ruth Makes To Naomi

There are times when love outweighs logic. Our heart takes us to illogical and unlikely places, in spite of the difficulties that may bring. Let's study the lives of these great women of the Bible.

Discover How God Works In The Ordinary Events We Confront Every Day

Even when we don’t see it, God is at work, orchestrating His plan in our lives. Enjoy a fascinating discussion based on the book of Ruth.

How God Works In Our Darkest Hours To Bring About Blessing

There’s no getting around it. Most of life is just plain ol’ difficult! Let's talk about God’s intervention in our darkest hours, and how God works to bring about blessing.

Discover The Biblical Story Of Ruth

During a season of political unrest, a time when famine had reached across the land, a woman lost her husband and two sons. Stranded in a foreign land with two widowed daughters-in-law, the future looked heavy and dark.

Let’s Take A Deeper Look Into Ruth’s Life

The Bible is filled with stories about real people, making decisions and trying to live an obedient life of faith.

Discover How The Culture Ruth Lived In Isn’t Very Different From Our Own

It’s easy to feel removed from the ancient people of the Bible, that their stories are irrelevant to us in the twenty-first century.

Enjoy This Special Edition On Chapters Three And Four Of The Book Of Ruth

The book of Ruth is a rich story of faith and love. Let's read from chapters three and four out of the book of Ruth.

Enjoy This Special Edition On The First Half Of The Book Of Ruth

Before Bibles were available in print, the Scriptures were read out loud to the people of the church. Let's return to that tradition, as we listen to the first half of the book of Ruth.

Let’s Begin A Fascinating Series On The Book Of Ruth

The men and women of the Bible tell us a lot about ourselves. Although times have changed, human nature has not.

Get More From The Scriptures As You Begin This New Series On The Book Of Ruth

The Bible was written for all of us, not merely for pastors and scholars. Everyone has the ability and invitation to learn from the Scriptures! Do you want to get more out of your Bible reading? Join us as we kick off a new series on the book of Ruth.

The Danger Of Trusting Our Feelings To Determine The Outcome Of A Major Decision

It’s not easy making big, life-changing decisions. Especially when we’re having a hard time determining God’s will.