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A Lively Discussion On The Consequences Of Choosing To Reject God Part 7

So many people turn their backs on God out of fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of giving up their freedom and liberties. 

Finding It Difficult To Trust God With The Unknowns? Part 23

Some people enjoy taking risks, the thrill of the unexplored venture, while others prefer to play it safe. Let's take a look at the risks involved in the life of faith.

An Introduction To Samson Part 21

Parenting isn’t easy! And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your kids still seem to go down the wrong path.  Though raised by godly parents, Samson just couldn’t seem to stay on course. Perhaps you’re struggling with one of your kids right now.

The Life Of David, A Man After God’s Own Heart Part 1

Most likely you’ve heard the story of David and Goliath. But did you know that one boy with a slingshot grew up to be the greatest king of ancient Israel? 

Haddon Robinson Presents A Special First-hand Account Of King David Part 2

In ancient times, stories were passed around by word of mouth. Even today, families reminisce about days gone by through storytelling. Hear how David’s experiences as a young boy prepared him to be the king of a nation. 

Let’s Uncover The True Story Of David And Goliath Part 3

The story of David and Goliath is timeless . . . often used to describe business competitors or schoolyard bullies. But this isn’t a fabricated fairytale designed to give the underdog a chance to win.

Enjoy The Best Loved Poem In All The Scriptures . . . Psalm 23 Part 11

So . . . do you read much poetry? In today’s fast-paced world, not many of us have time to slow down and savor a well-written verse.

Examine How The Account Of David In The Bible Impacts Our Lives Today Part 29

Stories have a way of communicating more than just words. They enlighten our own experiences and let us step into the experiences of others.

Take An Honest Look At God’s Grace-filled Work Through His People Part 34

So often we think God can’t use us because of all the mistakes we’ve made. And yet, the Bible has countless examples of ordinary, imperfect people used by a holy God.

The Danger Of Trusting Our Feelings To Determine The Outcome Of A Major Decision Part 4

It’s not easy making big, life-changing decisions. Especially when we’re having a hard time determining God’s will.

Get More From The Scriptures As You Begin This New Series On The Book Of Ruth Part 1

The Bible was written for all of us, not merely for pastors and scholars. Everyone has the ability and invitation to learn from the Scriptures! Do you want to get more out of your Bible reading? Join us as we kick off a new series on the book of Ruth.

Let’s Begin A Fascinating Series On The Book Of Ruth Part 2

The men and women of the Bible tell us a lot about ourselves. Although times have changed, human nature has not.

Enjoy This Special Edition On The First Half Of The Book Of Ruth Part 3

Before Bibles were available in print, the Scriptures were read out loud to the people of the church. Let's return to that tradition, as we listen to the first half of the book of Ruth.

Enjoy This Special Edition On Chapters Three And Four Of The Book Of Ruth Part 4

The book of Ruth is a rich story of faith and love. Let's read from chapters three and four out of the book of Ruth.

Discover How The Culture Ruth Lived In Isn’t Very Different From Our Own Part 5

It’s easy to feel removed from the ancient people of the Bible, that their stories are irrelevant to us in the twenty-first century.