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It Wasn't A Big Boat That Saved Noah's Family From Death

Are you afraid to die?

Why do people avoid thinking about death? Thinking about death too much is morbid. Not thinking about it at all is foolish.

The Legitimate Fear Of Death And How God's Resurrection Power Can Bring Peace & Joy

Dealing with the fear of death and God's resurrection power.

The Life Of Faith And What Is Uncovered During Times Of Testing Part 5

During times of testing, our faith is revealed for what it truly is.

A Practical Look At Hardship Part 12

Often our faith is tested through the “daily-ness” of life. There is something about coming through adversity that makes us strong. Examine the value of a faith tested by trials.

Profound Guidance On Perservering Through Trials Part 13

All of us face trials in our lives. Today Haddon, Alice and Mart share some profound guidance on making it through those tough times.

A Practical Look At Revitalizing Your Faith Part 26

We all go through times where our spiritual life feels stagnant. A thriving relationship with God is dependent on us trusting Him when the future is uncertain.

Having Trouble Leaving The Past Behind?

Harsh words can cut deeply. And boy, are they hard to forget! Yet, the Bible says when we love someone, we need to dismiss the hurtful words and move on. How difficult that can be!

A Proper View Of God Can Carry Us Through The Hardest Of Times

Hope can be difficult to sustain when we undergo hardship and suffering. It’s easy to be optimistic when life is going well . . . but how do we keep despair at bay when adversity comes?

Haddon Gives Solid Counsel Of Those Hanging On By Their Last Thread

There are days when the weight of the world seems to be placed solely on your shoulders. Days when there’s no relief in sight. And you wonder how you’ll ever take just one more step. Sound familiar?

Ever Get Impatient With God’s Timing? Part 18

Nothing tests our patience any more than waiting. Whether it’s awaiting a son or daughter’s return home . . . or the few weeks before a baby is due . . . or anticipating a phone call with important news. Waiting is hard!

New Perspective On The Metaphors In The Bible Part 28

Walk with God . . . running the good race . . . I am the vine, you are the branches . . . those phrases all portray the Christian life. Unfortunately, sometimes these biblical references become clichés when over-used. 

Trying To Make Sense Of The Hardships You’re Facing? Part 39

Is anything too hard for God to do? The obvious answer is no, but if that’s the case, why doesn’t He use His power to heal all cancer, bring peace among nations, and protect us from pain and suffering? Let's tackle these difficult questions.

What It Means To Call On The God Of The Universe Part 42

When we’re going through difficult times, doubt can cloud our view of God. Perhaps you’re dealing with some hard circumstances right now and don’t know where to turn. Need some encouragement?

How To Look For God In The Midst Of Painful Trials Part 46

Just like gold is refined in a fire, our faith is refined through testing. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult time right now . . . a testing of your faith.

Going Through A Hard Time? Part 47

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, deep financial loss, or a wayward child, trials afflict us all at one time or another. God doesn’t remove the pain from difficult circumstances, but His grace does sustain us through them.