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Unlocking The Mystery Of The Trinity

Haddon, Alice, and Mart explore the mystery of the Trinity on Discover the Word.

Trying To Make Sense Of The Hardships You’re Facing?

Is anything too hard for God to do? The obvious answer is no, but if that’s the case, why doesn’t He use His power to heal all cancer, bring peace among nations, and protect us from pain and suffering? Let's tackle these difficult questions.

No Matter How Far We May Run . . . God Continues To Pursue Us

The power of God’s love draws us to Him . . . even when we’re unaware. But sometimes we fail to feel . . . and know . . . His love. 

An Honest Discussion About The Walk Of Faith

Unfortunately, Christians don’t live in a protective bubble. Trusting God doesn’t mean our problems disappear.

What It Means To Call On The God Of The Universe

When we’re going through difficult times, doubt can cloud our view of God. Perhaps you’re dealing with some hard circumstances right now and don’t know where to turn. Need some encouragement?

Do You Feel Like You’ve Got A Long Way To Go In Your Relationship With God?

When we see God consistently come through for us over time, our trust in Him grows. We aren’t expected to take huge leaps of faith early on . . . instead our faith grows over time.


How God Works . . . Through The Ordinary And The Extra-ordinary

Some of the miracles in the Bible seem pretty far-fetched. And yet, if we believe God’s Word . . . the miracles must have occurred as the Bible describes them.

Are Some Actions Unforgivable? Hear The Truth About Redemption

We all make mistakes. But perhaps you’re in a place where forgiveness doesn’t seem to be an option. The offense is just too great.

An In-depth Study About The Showdown Between David And Goliath

Each of us has been gifted with certain skills and talents. And it’s when we use these gifts that God accomplishes great things through us.

Trusting God Even When He Doesn’t Do What We Ask

When God doesn’t answer your prayers in the way you expect, does it threaten your trust in God? Discover the concept of tough faith.

Does God Perform Miracles Today?

A discussion about God’s provision and intervention in our lives. Is it possible God has worked in your life in ways you haven’t even realized?

Regardless Of What Happens God Is In Control

With today’s economy tumbling down all around us, it’s easy to lose sight of who’s in control. It's not Wall Street!

Discover How Only God’s Power Can Truly Get Us Through The Tough Times

We often go through life thinking we’re invincible, that we can get through anything if we try hard enough.

Why pleading for mercy should be the cry of every Christian

When we hear about the appalling evils at work in the world today, we may be tempted to pray, “Lord, bring your justice.” But what would happen if instead we prayed, “Lord, have mercy”?

Why God’s mercy is meant to flow from our lives into the lives of others

A fresh water spring cannot quench our thirst if it accumulates in one spot. Instead it stagnates. And the same goes for God’s mercy.