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Encouragement To Help You Through The Hard Times Of Love

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to be patient with someone for a moment . . . we’re to stand by them through the long haul. So how do we stick it out through thick and thin?

An Eye-opening Discussion About Developing Patience

Sure, it’s easy to be patient with someone you get along with. But it’s another story when it’s someone who rubs you the wrong way, and perhaps, fights you at every turn. Insight on this difficult dilemma. 

Bearing With Those Who Rub You The Wrong Way

Is someone in your life wearing you down? Trying your patience? Pushing the limits? Let's talk about God's tireless patience with us . . . and uncover ways to bear with those who rub you the wrong way.

How To Patiently Love Those Outside Your Viewpoint

Christians are not immune to disagreements. Being part of a church family doesn’t mean you’ll see eye to eye with everyone in the congregation.

Exploring Ways To Show Patience Through Kindness.

Sometimes we express our patience with people by merely ignoring them . . . or treating them with indifference. To truly love someone, we need to be kind as well as patient.

Reaching A New Level Of Care And Concern For Those We Love

Being kind to those we love isn’t always easy! Too often, we lash out with an unkind word or comment. It’s not enough to be a nice person. Kindness requires taking action.

Encouraging The World Around Us, One Act Of Kindness At A Time.

A kind word or deed can make someone’s day. Whether it’s a word of encouragement, or a helping hand, simple acts can really make a difference. 

A Discussion On The Discipline Of Tough Love

It isn’t easy to confront someone you love . . . especially when you know that message will sting. And yet, to truly love a brother or sister in Christ . . . sometimes speaking the truth in love is necessary. 

Shedding Light On Our Envious Thoughts And Learning How To Honestly Love Others

No matter how hard we try, envy still seems to creep into our hearts. He makes more money, or, She has a bigger house . . . and the list goes on and on.

The Divisive Problem Of Envy

Envy destroys our love for one another. It hinders us from taking delight in the good fortune of others and, instead, breeds resentment.

Boasting Affects Those Around Us

When we do a kind deed or accomplish something great . . . we want to be recognized for it. And when no one else acknowledges our actions . . . we tend to “toot our own horn.”  Let's look at how boasting affects those around us. Instead of bringing yourself up . . . you may be putting someone else down.


Building Authentic Relationships

When the church is working as it was meant to, it serves as a support system for people going through all kinds of circumstances. In difficulties they band together for support and comfort. And they rejoice together over victories.

There Are Various Motives Behind Boasting

While there’s nothing wrong with sharing our success stories with others . . . it’s important to keep our pride under control. A little pat on the back . . . with too much pride . . . can evolve into bragging.

Godly Love Opposes Petty Comparisons

Criticism hurts deeply. Putting others down . . . even with a single remark . . . can dissolve a relationship.  Sometimes we search for faults in others to make ourselves look better.

How Keeping A Godly Perspective Allows Us To Love Others

Each of us have areas where we excel. And at one time or another we’ve all thought . . . “I can do that better than he can, or she can.” But God calls us to love others . . . and resist engaging in a comparison game.