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God’s faithfulness and new friends

For years Bill Crowder has been a contributing author to “Our Daily Bread” and longtime friend to RBC Ministries. Let’s introduce Bill to the “Discover the Word” family as our newest team member. Celebrating God’s faithfulness and meeting new friends.

To see the special chapel where Haddon and Alice were honored, click on the “read more” link.

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A conversation about God’s plan for women

What is God’s vision for women? Does He have a special purpose for them in the kingdom? Carolyn Custis James explored these pressing questions, and the result is a thoughtful book titled, “Half the Church.” Let’s sit down with Carolyn James to discuss this.

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How Are The Fruit Of The Spirit Evidenced In Our Lives?

Ever compare yourself to those around you and feel like you’re missing the mark? Well, according to God’s Word, our focus should be on the growth in our own life. Let’s continue a series of discussions on the fruit of the Spirit, and how they are evidenced in the life of a follower of God.

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