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Raising Children To Have A Personal Relationship With God

As parents, we try to raise our children the best we know how. And imparting our faith to the next generation is one of the most important legacies we pass on.

A Biblical Account Of Samson And His Parents Part 22

That cute little bundle in blue will one day stand before you as a man. Whether he’s two, ten, or twenty . . . as his parent, it’s your job to prepare him for manhood.

A Man Who Came From A Painful Childhood, But Overcame His Hurt In Order To Help In A Time Of Crisis Part 52

Not all homes are happy ones. Perhaps you know the pain of growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Look At Proverbs To Find Wisdom For Parents

Parenting isn’t easy! And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your kids end up going down paths you tried to steer them away from.

Looking At Proverbs For Wisdom About Raising Children

If you have children, then you know they come packaged with their own unique personality! One may be quiet, another loud, another, an endless source of energy.

Finding Wisdom In The Book Of Proverbs To Help You During The Difficult Child-rearing Years

Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with an instruction manual? With answers to your frequently asked questions!

Looking At The Elder Brother’s Part In The Message On The Prodigal Son Part 45

When we read Jesus’ parable on the prodigal son, we often focus on the younger brother, and forget there’s an older brother who played an important role.

A Familiar Story, Told In A Most Unusual Way Part 58

We read and re-read portions of Scripture until we think we’ve drawn every possible application. And then we hear the story in a different context and find something new we’ve been missing all along! That’s what makes our study in God’s Word so vibrant and dynamic.

How to repair and reinforce sibling relationships with biblical love Part 11

They were the people we grew up with. And whether we enjoyed a close relationship with our siblings, or never really knew them, sometimes our brothers and sisters are the hardest people to love! Ready to reconnect with your family?