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An Illustration Of How Love Delights In The Truth

Parents love their children even when they misbehave . . . but that doesn’t mean they encourage the bad behavior. Instead, through loving discipline, moms and dads reinforce a child’s good behavior. 

There Are Difficulties In Letting Go, Whether Your Child Is In Kindergarten Or College Part 66

It’s difficult to release our children into God’s care, isn’t it? But as parents, that’s what we’re called to do, as we send them off into the world.

Encouragement To Parents

The God-given responsibility of a parent includes caring for a child’s physical, emotional and spiritual development. Unfortunately, providing spiritual nourishment often falls to the wayside in the midst of hectic schedules.

The Spiritual Legacy We Leave Our Children Part 20

As a parent, we want to pass along our faith and beliefs to our children. But that’s not an easy task! Concerned you’re not getting the right message through to your kids?

An Introduction To Samson Part 21

Parenting isn’t easy! And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your kids still seem to go down the wrong path.  Though raised by godly parents, Samson just couldn’t seem to stay on course. Perhaps you’re struggling with one of your kids right now.

A Biblical Account Of Samson And His Parents Part 22

That cute little bundle in blue will one day stand before you as a man. Whether he’s two, ten, or twenty . . . as his parent, it’s your job to prepare him for manhood.

Continuing Our In-depth Study Of The Life Of Samson Part 23

We all have a desire to choose our own path in life . . . and yet it often feels like our direction or circumstances were forced upon us.

Look At Proverbs To Find Wisdom For Parents

Parenting isn’t easy! And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your kids end up going down paths you tried to steer them away from.

Looking At Proverbs For Wisdom About Raising Children

If you have children, then you know they come packaged with their own unique personality! One may be quiet, another loud, another, an endless source of energy.

Finding Wisdom In The Book Of Proverbs To Help You During The Difficult Child-rearing Years

Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with an instruction manual? With answers to your frequently asked questions!

Connect With The People In Jesus’ Story, As The Parable Of The Prodigal Son Comes To Life Part 44

Ever read a story and get lost in it? The characters come to life, and it’s like you’re a part of every dramatic moment?

God’s restoration process for broken families Part 6

When we ask for healing in our families, often our expectation is that our prayer will be answered instantaneously. But when it’s not, we can feel like God has let us down. Though the process may take time, the result is assured!

Let’s look at why every family needs the healing touch of the Savior Part 7

Whether it’s a troubled marriage, rebellious children, or generational sin, we may think our brokenness is unusual for a Christian family. Discover that family fractures are typical in every home! Let's look at "The Beauty of Broken."

Discover the healing found in surrender Part 8

How do we respond when a loved one doesn’t live up to our expectations? The Discover the Word group share personal experiences with letting go, and allowing Jesus to touch their family members’ hearts

Perspective that can help you see “The Beauty of Broken” Part 9

When our son wanders off course, or our daughter makes poor decisions, we may wonder if they have completely missed God’s plan for their life. Offering hope and encouragement for worried moms and dads.