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Watch what happens when God joins the fruitless discussion between Job and friends

Ever been involved in a dead-end conversation? It can happen when people talk at each other, rather than with each other. Watch what happens when God joins the conversation between Job and his friends.

Let’s look at the probing questions God asked Job, in order to reveal the truth of who God is!

The ancient philosopher Socrates was known for using insightful questions to arrive at truth. But God was using this method long before Socrates showed up! Our study of the life of Job continues.

Let’s look at how Jesus summarized everything written in the Old Testament!

It took the entire Old Testament to include all the writings of the Law and the prophets. But is it possible to condense all that wisdom into one simple statement? A look at “The Golden Rule.”

The Conclusion Of The Powerful Series On The Parable Of The Prodigal Son

Let's examine the parable of the prodigal son, to find insight into our lives today, as we conclude this powerful series.

How We Can Miss Out On A Relationship With God

After a while, church attendance can become routine and predictable, just another obligation in our week. A refreshing conversation about our tendency to get lost in the activities, and miss out on a relationship with God.

Taking A Closer Look At Those Moments When We Cry Out To God

Most of us have asked God “why” at some point in our lives. Perhaps you’ve faced a family tragedy, or maybe you’re dealing with a broken relationship. Let’s examine those moments when we cry out to God in sorrow and frustration.

Taking An Honest Look At Our Attitudes

If you’ve ever been passed up for a promotion you deserved, or someone else has been recognized for his or her contribution and you were overlooked, you know the disillusionment and anger that often follows.

Discover How Our Inner Thoughts Impact Our Outward Expressions

Too often, we build ourselves up by putting other people down. In fact, it’s so common we don’t always realize when we do it!

Cultivating A Right Perspective On Our Relationship With God And Others

Obedience to God represents far more than our allegiance to an arbitrary list of dos and don’ts. He wants a personal relationship with us!

Enjoy A Dramatic Rendering Of Jesus’ Parable Of The Prodigal Son

There’s nothing quite like hearing a familiar story in a new way. This is the first part of a special presentation of Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.

An Honest Look At What The Redeemed Life Looks Like

What does it mean to become a follower of God? What are the requirements? Following a stringent list of rules? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Discover How God Welcomes All Sinners With Open Arms

When someone has hurt us, we’re wary about extending forgiveness too quickly. We put the relationship on hold until we can be certain we’re ready to move ahead. God welcomes all sinners with open arms, no matter how far we’ve strayed.

Discover Practical Truths For Today In The Ancient Parable Of The Prodigal Son

So often we read a portion of Scripture and fail to see the underlying meaning in the passage. Let's dissect the ancient parable of the prodigal son, and find practical truths relevant to us centuries later.

The Nature Of Grace And The Parable Of The Prodigal Son

God loves us, not because of what we do, but in spite of it! Let's talk about the parable of the prodigal son, and discover a perspective you’ve likely never considered.

The Power Grace Has On Our Lives

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. Let's recount this beloved song.