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Discover What It Means To Walk In The Spirit

The Bible is full of word pictures, examples that bring biblical concepts to life. It’s a great picture of our daily interaction with God.

Do You Know What It Means To Be A Modern-day Pharisee?

Do you know someone who’s heavily invested in the rules of the Christian walk, and forgets about the affectionate relationship with the living God? Perhaps you’ve fallen into this trap a time or two!

Setting Ourselves Free, As We Improve The Attitude Of Our Heart

It’s not about what we have or don’t have. Or what we do, and don’t do. That’s a legalistic view of life.

The Profound Impact Of God’s Grace On Our Lives

No one is perfect. Even on a good day we fall well short of the mark. No, we’re not perfect, but there’s hope for us all!

How We Apply The Bible To Our Lives Affects Our Outlook On Life

Perhaps you’ve heard the axiom, “Attitude is everything.” Learn how to enhance your quiet time with God.

Practical Tools For Digging Deeper Into God’s Word

Just as schoolchildren learn how to enhance their study time for class, we can get more out of our study of the Bible by applying helpful disciplines, too.

Take An Honest Look At God’s Grace-filled Work Through His People

So often we think God can’t use us because of all the mistakes we’ve made. And yet, the Bible has countless examples of ordinary, imperfect people used by a holy God.

Even As Adults, We Can Fall Into The Trap Of Taking Advantage Of God’s Grace

We try to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. But when they disobey without consequence, our kids assume they can get away with anything!


Wondering If God Can Use You?

Even when we make mistakes, we can trust God to make something good out of our situation. Discover the ways God takes our poor choices and turns them into building blocks for accomplishing His purpose.

Could There Be A Different Conclusion To The Ancient Story Of Gideon?

Over the years, men and women have used the biblical story of Gideon to determine God’s will for their lives. If we put out our own fleece . . . then we’ll know which direction God wants us to go.

A Lively Discussion On The Consequences Of Choosing To Reject God

So many people turn their backs on God out of fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of giving up their freedom and liberties. 

A Deep Belief In God Can Be Expressed Through Our Actions

Many people think of faith as an ethereal concept . . . nothing more than wishful thinking . . . with little or  no tangible proof. Would you like a fresh perspective on faith?

A Fresh Perspective On The Primary Barrier To Following God

Is there something keeping you from obeying God? Perhaps you’re delaying a decision to follow Him . . . or just too busy to even hear His call. When it comes to making good life choices, do you feel stuck?

Examining The Life Of Moses

Ever made a decision to do something you thought God wanted you to do . . . only to end up in a miserable place? Maybe you’re wrestling with where God has you right now.

Gain A Whole New Appreciation For Your Place In History

Over the centuries, God has used ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Even at this moment, He could be preparing you for a powerful contribution to the Kingdom of God.