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Encouragement for when our hearts feel dormant

An experienced farmer knows there are seasons when crops flourish in the open air, and seasons when all growth happens underground. Even in our cold seasons, God is still at work, cultivating the fruits of Spirit.

How biblical gentleness is the foundation of true strength

By the world’s standards, gentleness is a weakness, not a virtue! We’ve been taught it’s imperative we stand up for ourselves. Discover that biblical gentleness is not a sign of being feeble—it’s the foundation of true strength! We’re talking about one of the fruits of the Spirit.

What Ruth’s commitment can show us about our commitment to Christ

When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, we turn from our old life and embrace a new one. Let's examine the ramifications of Ruth’s commitment to her mother-in-law and what we can learn from it.

Discover Ways To Live Out Our Faith Daily

Love, joy, peace, patience . . . the fruit of the Spirit are evidences of God’s work in our lives.

How God Can And Will Meet Our Deepest Longings

There’s a deep hunger in our souls that can’t be satisfied by material possessions or even by the people we love. Feel like nothing will fill the void in your life?

Discover Why Only God Can Fill The Void In Our Lives

So often we try to fill the longing in our hearts with things. Stuff. We think, once I have that new job, or that new house, I’ll be satisfied. Only God can fill the void in our lives. Nothing else comes close.

A Thought Provoking Discussion On Inspiring Others To Grow More Like Christ

As followers of God, we have the opportunity to build others up in the faith, or to be a stumbling block. So . . . how are you doing in this regard?

Find Hope For A Difficult Time

Following God’s path for your life doesn’t ensure an easy route. An authentic discussion on the life of a believer in Christ.

What Does God Really Want From You?

Sometimes we think of Christianity as a bunch of rules and regulations . . . do this, don’t do that and if you stay on track, you’ll earn a place in heaven. But God wants so much more from us than a performance! Revitalize your walk with God.

Our Daily Need For God’s Mercy

No matter how old we get, or how much we’ve learned in our walk with Christ, we never outgrow our need for grace. Perhaps you need to draw on that truth today.

What If God Asked You . . . “am I Enough?”

Often we want God plus something else . . . God and a husband, or God and a healthy family. But what if God asked you . . . “Am I enough? Even without these blessings?”


Let’s Uncover The Ways God Reveals Himself To Us

Everyone’s journey of faith is uniquely scripted. We start out knowing a little bit about God, but as we experience Him through the different trials and joys of life, our understanding grows deeper. Perhaps you’re having trouble seeing God in your present circumstance.

What It Means To Become A Believer In Christ

The decision to follow Christ shouldn’t be made lightly. It affects not only your future here on earth, but your eternal destiny, as well. Is it simply a one-time statement? Or a decision that changes your entire future? 


The Process Of Growing Strong In The Christian Life.

Becoming a Christian begins with having faith in God. But it actually represents a lifetime decision to mature into the man or woman God has called you to be. 

Abandoning Our Way . . . For God's Way

It takes more than an intellectual decision or even deep-felt emotion to follow Christ. It takes action. When God calls you somewhere, it’s the Christian’s responsibility to follow where He leads.