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Discover how God’s provision often comes when we are in a place of surrender

Sometimes it takes drastic circumstances to lead us to depend on God. Perhaps you’re going through a particularly difficult season right now. Biblical and personal examples of God's provision when we surrender to Him.

Discover the healing found in surrender

How do we respond when a loved one doesn’t live up to our expectations? The Discover the Word group share personal experiences with letting go, and allowing Jesus to touch their family members’ hearts

What Ruth’s commitment can show us about our commitment to Christ

When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, we turn from our old life and embrace a new one. Let's examine the ramifications of Ruth’s commitment to her mother-in-law and what we can learn from it.

Do You Know What It Means To Be A Modern-day Pharisee?

Do you know someone who’s heavily invested in the rules of the Christian walk, and forgets about the affectionate relationship with the living God? Perhaps you’ve fallen into this trap a time or two!

An Honest Look At What The Redeemed Life Looks Like

What does it mean to become a follower of God? What are the requirements? Following a stringent list of rules? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Setting Ourselves Free, As We Improve The Attitude Of Our Heart

It’s not about what we have or don’t have. Or what we do, and don’t do. That’s a legalistic view of life.

Taking A Closer Look At An Often Misunderstood Bible Passage

Have you ever thought you were on top of the world, doing great at work, at home, only to find out that things weren’t as perfect as they seemed? Let's look at Revelation 3, verse 20.

Important Guidelines To Making Wise Decisions

Think about the turning points in your life, seasons when you faced a big decision. Did you seek out godly counsel in that situation?

The Challenge Of Following God With No Strings Attached

Turning your life over to Christ can be difficult. It often comes with sacrifices, big and small.

Will You Follow God, Or Turn Your Back On Him?

Each of us has a choice to make, and the result of this decision will affect us in this life and the next! Discover all you need to make this all-important decision.

Find Out How The Scriptures Should Impact Our Lives Each Day

This world values wealth and affluence, but God’s Word teaches a counter-cultural principle. Our earthly possessions have nothing to do with our standing before God!

Discover What It Means To Remain Loyal To God, Even Under Ridicule And Persecution

The walk of faith isn’t always an easy road to travel. Perhaps you’ve had to stand up under the pressure of ridicule, or even left a job in order to stay true to your beliefs.

Commitment To God, Lived Out Day-to-day Can Have A Huge Impact

Often, we think the only way to make a difference in the world is to accomplish something big. But some of the biggest impact comes in ordinary expressions of faith.

How Can We Trust God When He Seems So Mysterious To Us, And Even Unknown?

We'll answer this question as we talk about Jephthah . . . an obscure Old Testament character that God honored for his strong faith.

Sometimes People Do Rash Things In The Name Of Faith

The Bible story of Jephthah has sparked intense debate over the years. Let's get to the heart of the question . . . how could this man sacrifice his own child to please God?