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Perhaps you could use some help resolving a personal disagreement

Embroiled in conflict, it can feel like we’re held captive to our frustration, anger, and strong opinions. What we need is a good hostage negotiator! Let's look at Abigail as an example of biblical conflict negotiation.

How our participation can lead to a peaceful resolution

When we witness conflict, our first instinct is usually to stay on the sidelines. We don’t want to get caught up in the fight! Another biblical principle for conflict.

One principle for peaceful conflict negotiating

Try as we might, we’ll never be able to avoid conflict for long. So, if we can’t run from them, how do we face our battles biblically? It starts with our mindset!

Let’s look at a story in First Samuel that proves we can reach a resolution in any conflict

Engaged in conflict, we may believe there has to be a winner and a loser. But is it possible to resolve a disagreement where everyone comes out on top?

Looking At Some Of The More Difficult Moments In Marriage

Not all marriage relationships are positive and uplifting. If your marriage is struggling right now, you’ll find wisdom and hope.

The Delicate Issue Of Reconciliation

Unfortunately, the church doesn’t always deal with sin in the most forgiving manner. At times it may even seem easier to shun a person rather than foster reconciliation.

Practical Tools For Restoring Relationships

 Broken relationships aren’t easy to repair. Perhaps there’s someone in your life who’s hurt you, and trust has been shattered.

Learning How To Confront, In The Spirit Of Restoring The Relationship

It isn’t easy confronting someone who’s in the wrong. Let's look at Matthew chapter 18, and find out when confrontation is needed.

Practical Ways To Repairing A Broken Relationship

It’s not easy confronting someone who’s hurt you. It’s difficult to look past the heartache and extend forgiveness.

Discover The Steps Laid Out By Jesus, That Lead To The Restoration Of A Broken Relationship

Confronting a friend or family member isn’t easy! Perhaps there’s a fractured friendship in need of repair.

Practical Tools To Bring Clarity To Often Misunderstood Bible Passages

Ever come across a passage in the Bible that just doesn’t make sense? Let's look at Mathew 18, verses 19 and 20.

A Discussion On How To Take Rebuke Gracefully

Have you ever been confronted for something you did that was wrong? Even the best of us make mistakes, but it doesn’t feel good when they’re pointed out! 

Sound, Biblical Advice To Resolving Disagreements In Your Marriage

No relationship is without conflict. And too often, when arguments begin . . . we spend more time attacking the other person’s character than we do addressing the root issue!

Better Solutions To Resolving Disagreements

Handling conflict in marriage is a difficult process, isn’t it? Our natural tendency is to walk away, or even worse . . . say things we’ll regret later.

The Dangers Of Avoiding Conflict In Marriage

Unaddressed issues are the enemy of strong, healthy marriages. Biblical advice on how to resolve disagreements in your home . . .