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Encouragement To Help You Through The Hard Times Of Love

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to be patient with someone for a moment . . . we’re to stand by them through the long haul. So how do we stick it out through thick and thin?

An Eye-opening Discussion About Developing Patience

Sure, it’s easy to be patient with someone you get along with. But it’s another story when it’s someone who rubs you the wrong way, and perhaps, fights you at every turn. Insight on this difficult dilemma. 

A Discussion On The Discipline Of Tough Love

It isn’t easy to confront someone you love . . . especially when you know that message will sting. And yet, to truly love a brother or sister in Christ . . . sometimes speaking the truth in love is necessary. 

Spotting Sin In Our Own Lives Isn’t Pleasant . . . But It’s The Key To Living A Joy-filled Life

It’s often easier to point out arrogance in others rather than seeing it in ourselves. And yet, if we’re honest, we’ve all had moments when we exaggerate our value. An insightful discussion on pride.

Find What Brings True Passion To Your Relationship

We often associate hearts and flowers to love, romance, and passion. But in reality, passion plays a minor role in a love relationship. Love delights in the truth . . . even when it’s hard to hear.

Let’s Examine A Biblical View Of Influencing The World Around Us Part 15

What is the Christian’s role in trying to make an impact on society? Are we to be up in arms every time we disagree with the culture?

Explore Ways To Debate Issues With Christlike Love Part 17

Disagreements are part of daily life. And how we handle conflict is of great importance to God. Having difficulty addressing a difference in opinion? Don’t miss the practical advice.

An Authentic Discussion On The Difficulties Of Standing Up For What We Believe Part 37

Sometimes following God’s will brings opposition from those around us. Especially those who are affected by the decisions we make.

Hot Topics That Start Quarrels Among Couples Part 29

It’s impossible for two people to share life together and never get into a disagreement. Conflict is inevitable, even in a strong marriage!

Ways To Resolve Disagreements In A Healthy, Positive Way Part 30

Conflict is a part of life . . . and often a part of marriage! It’s nearly impossible to bring two different perspectives into a relationship and never disagree on something.

Ways To Break Through Disagreements And Get To The Heart Of The Matter Part 32

Communication is key to developing a close, intimate relationship with your spouse. But often, it’s in open dialogue that conflict arises! Sound familiar?

Practical Ways To Handle Those Touchy Situations At Home Part 34

Anger isn’t unique to marriage . . . but it can certainly be intensified within the close relationship between husband and wife. Perhaps you’re dealing with a particular “hot spot” in your relationship.

Practical Tools To Get Through Those Tough Conversations Part 35

When disagreements flare up in relationships . . . you can’t always shy away from confrontation. Sometimes the issue is just too big to let go. Struggling through an issue with a loved one?

The Dangers Of Avoiding Conflict In Marriage Part 36

Unaddressed issues are the enemy of strong, healthy marriages. Biblical advice on how to resolve disagreements in your home . . .

Better Solutions To Resolving Disagreements Part 37

Handling conflict in marriage is a difficult process, isn’t it? Our natural tendency is to walk away, or even worse . . . say things we’ll regret later.