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Find Out How The Quality Of Our Relationship With God Influences How We Engage With Others

An inspirational discussion about what it truly means to be in a right relationship with our Creator, and with those we love.

Practical Truths For Today Straight From God’s Word

The beginning of a new series on the Parables of Jesus. Let's look at Luke chapter 15.

The Delicate Issue Of Reconciliation

Unfortunately, the church doesn’t always deal with sin in the most forgiving manner. At times it may even seem easier to shun a person rather than foster reconciliation.

Practical Tools For Restoring Relationships

 Broken relationships aren’t easy to repair. Perhaps there’s someone in your life who’s hurt you, and trust has been shattered.

Learning How To Confront, In The Spirit Of Restoring The Relationship

It isn’t easy confronting someone who’s in the wrong. Let's look at Matthew chapter 18, and find out when confrontation is needed.

Discover The Steps Laid Out By Jesus, That Lead To The Restoration Of A Broken Relationship

Confronting a friend or family member isn’t easy! Perhaps there’s a fractured friendship in need of repair.

Discover A Whole New Perspective On The Pharisees In The New Testament

It isn’t always easy to put the commands of Scripture into everyday practice. Are you trying to live by all the rules, but you’re just plain worn out?

A Lively Discussion On Humility

The game of comparison is a dangerous one to play. Unfortunately, it’s a trap that impacts us all. Considering ourselves better than others is harmful . . . not just to the other person, but to our relationship with God, as well.

Let’s Grapple With The Concept Of Comparison . . . And The Need For Humility

We have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to others. Either we think we’re better than they are, or we see ourselves as lacking.

We’ll Grapple With The Truth That Love Doesn’t Delight In Evil

In our culture, some of the most atrocious acts are overlooked . . . even ignored. From sexual scandal to corruption of government officials . . . instead of mourning their immorality, it’s often glorified.

Keys To Resolving Those Awkward Times Of Conflict

Disagreements are a part of life. And how we handle those differences of opinion is extremely important. Do you find yourself in a sticky situation right now?

How Keeping A Godly Perspective Allows Us To Love Others

Each of us have areas where we excel. And at one time or another we’ve all thought . . . “I can do that better than he can, or she can.” But God calls us to love others . . . and resist engaging in a comparison game.

Godly Love Opposes Petty Comparisons

Criticism hurts deeply. Putting others down . . . even with a single remark . . . can dissolve a relationship.  Sometimes we search for faults in others to make ourselves look better.