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Let's take one final look at the blind man in John chapter 9, from the perspective of Jesus

In the dark, it’s hard to see anything clearly. It’s only when the light is turned on that everything comes into focus. Let's take one final look at the blind man in John chapter 9, from the perspective of Jesus, the Light of the World. See this passage with new eyes.

A challenge to change our perspective on those in need

Some saw him as a culprit to blame. Others viewed him as a mystery to solve. But the religious leaders saw the blind man in John chapter 9 as a problem to avoid! Do we view them as people to love or interruptions to ignore?

An important discussion about the dangers of exploiting others

Ever notice how easy it is to mix up our priorities? It happens when we love things and use people, instead of loving people and using things!

Discover why we can be confident in the friendship of God

There are times when our prayers seem to bounce right off the ceiling instead of reaching God’s ear. And in those moments, it’s difficult not to feel abandoned. Comparing a current story of alienation with the story of Job.

Let’s conclude our study on the Roman centurion in Matthew 8

Want to know how to shock and amaze God? This soldier said something that astonished Jesus, and in so doing, gave us an inspiring example.

Let’s continue our study on the Roman centurion in Matthew 8

It’s been said that the best test of a person’s character is how he treats people who have nothing to offer. How this soldier cared for those close to him is a good example for all of us!

Discover a Roman soldier’s love for God’s people, and the faith that selfless compassion reveals

It’s easy to love those who love you back. But it’s much harder to love those who despise you!

Let’s explore Jesus’ final answer to the question, What is the greatest commandment?

No matter what question was thrown at Him, Jesus had an answer. And in Mark chapter 12, Jesus gave an explanation so insightful, the leaders and teachers were left speechless! Don’t miss the wrap up of our study in Mark 12.

Discover how at the heart of God’s laws is His desire for a loving relationship

Some people think God is all about rules and regulations. Be a part of the discussion from Mark chapter 12

Discover how the actions of loving God cause a reaction of loving others!

What do Isaac Newton’s third law of motion and the greatest biblical commandment have in common? Discover a biblical principle at work.

How Jesus summarizes the entire law of God into one simple command

Jewish tradition teaches that there are 613 different commandments in the Bible. That’s one long list of rules! More from our study in Mark chapter 12.

It’s all about love

A well-known band once sang, “all you need is love.” Turns out, they weren’t far off! Let's begin a brand new study in Mark chapter 12. Discover how Jesus takes every law and commandment, and boils it down into one simple concept!

What will your legacy be?

Each day we write another chapter in our own personal legacy. So when you finally leave this earth, what kind of story will you leave behind? Let's discuss how we want to be remembered, and that’s as people who were loved!

How to repair and reinforce sibling relationships with biblical love

They were the people we grew up with. And whether we enjoyed a close relationship with our siblings, or never really knew them, sometimes our brothers and sisters are the hardest people to love! Ready to reconnect with your family?