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Haddon Robinson Shares From His Heart About Developing A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ Part 16

The Bible says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” None of us are exempt from sin.

Let’s Strip Away The FaÇade And Discuss What Really Counts In God’s Kingdom Part 17

We all want to look good to those around us. We sometimes dress to impress people and even show-off our jobs or cars . . . positioning ourselves around anything or anyone that will make us look good.

Travel With Us Back To Ancient Israel Part 18

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the meaning behind the stories Jesus told. They seem so foreign to the world we know today. Their historical description brings new life and meaning to one of Jesus’ most profound parables.

Take A Moment To Reflect On The Radical And Life-transforming Message Of The Gospel Part 19

Sometimes we take the gift of God’s only Son lightly, don’t we? We know the right words to say and the right things to pray, but we don’t take to heart the true miracle of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The Need For Grace At Every Step Of The Journey Part 21

We begin the Christian life with the best intentions. Go to church on Sunday, tithe ten percent . . . but in the midst of learning to look like a Christian, sometimes we forget the grace we found at the foot of the cross.

Remembering We Should Live Our Lives For An “audience Of One” Part 22

There’s a subtle temptation to live our spiritual lives for an audience of onlookers . . . rather than the “audience of One” . . . our heavenly Father. Saying the right thing at Bible study, having a prominent part in the Sunday service . . . it’s all good, but not the right focus.

Our Daily Need For God’s Mercy Part 32

No matter how old we get, or how much we’ve learned in our walk with Christ, we never outgrow our need for grace. Perhaps you need to draw on that truth today.

An Encouragement To Those Who Fear The End

Death is sure. And death is final. But for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, there is hope beyond the grave.

A Refreshing Discussion That Quells The Fear About Death And Dying

Think you’re not good enough to earn God’s love? The truth is . . . none of us is good enough! It’s only the grace of God that gives us any hope beyond the grave.

How The Home Environment Affects The Decision To Follow God

No two families are alike. Whether you grew up in a home founded on faith, or learned about Christ later on, God is at work in every life.

Making A Decision To Have A Relationship With God

Choosing to accept or reject Christ is the most important decision a person can make. It not only affects our life here on earth, but our eternal future.

The Conversion Experience Of Moses

Whether at a national conference or in the privacy of someone’s home, the choice to relinquish your life to God is deeply personal . . . and uniquely yours.

Encouragement To Those Seeking Freedom From Bondage

It’s difficult to let go of the past. No matter how much it hurts to remember, loosening our grip isn’t easy. Weighed down by guilt, shame . . . maybe remorse?

Feeling Trapped? Freedom Can Be Yours!

Grace frees us from the bondage of sin. And yet, most of us continue to live each day under the weight of fear, guilt, and shame. A fascinating dialogue on God’s deliverance of His holy people.

What Commitment In Marriage Is All About Part 14

What keeps good people from walking down the aisle to get married? For some, it’s the fear of commitment. They’re afraid of being tied down to responsibilities.