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Let's take God’s message of healing to those in need

Dealing with painful circumstances tends to draw us inward. Sometimes we even forget there are others around us struggling with brokenness and sorrow as well! We’re learning how to share “The Beauty of Broken.”

How embracing the pain can open us to more of God’s love and healing

Has a broken relationship left a hole in your heart? Perhaps a recent hurt has crushed your defenses. Don’t miss this encouraging discussion.

How the fractured parts of our families bring us closer to God

When a prized possession in our home shatters, we’re prone to simply throw away the pieces. Thankfully, that’s not what God does with broken things! Looking to put the pieces back together in your family?

How to see God’s goodness through the cracks of our family relationships

Maybe your family portrait isn’t what you thought it would be. And even when we try to touch up the picture of our home life, the flaws still show through. We’re talking about “The Beauty of Broken.”

Discover the God who understands what it is like to be broken

In the midst of broken families and shattered relationships, we often feel completely alone. As if no one understands the pain and hurt we’re experiencing. God knows exactly what it is like to be broken!

Why “Lord, have mercy” should be our daily request

What is the one thing you ask God for the most? Protection for your family? Food on the table? It’s the conclusion of a study on “The Mercy Prayer.”

Discover the two probing questions Jesus asked of those looking for mercy

Jesus wants to shower you with His mercy. But first, He has some questions for you to answer. The two probing questions that Jesus asked of those looking for mercy reveal our faith and trust!

Gain a profound perspective on God’s grace

When the weight of life crushes down on us, and the pain is more than we can bear, our plea to God is “Why?” How our personal pain may be the perfect answer to the prayer; “Lord, have mercy.”

Don’t miss this compelling discussion on God’s mercy

If we ever doubt God’s love, if we’re ever uncertain about His grace, if we’re ever unclear about His mercy, we need only look toward the cross! Jesus answered the most common prayer in the Bible, “Lord, have mercy.”

How to make the good news of God’s grace our own

The gospel of Jesus is good news indeed. But until it becomes your personal story, it remains simply a bold headline!

Let’s dig deeper into the gospel of Jesus, and the grace and forgiveness we find there

Well, here’s the bad news, we’re all sinners. Everyone has broken God’s law and deserves the appropriate consequences! But hang on, ’cause there’s good news as well!

Why we all need the grace and healing of the Savior

If your nose doesn’t run and your throat doesn’t itch, there’s no reason to see a doctor. It’s only when you know that you’re sick that you look for a remedy!

Find parallels for the Christian life from Ruth’s commitment to Naomi

When we make the decision to trust in God, our life starts going in a new direction. We turn away from old habits, and start following a new path.

An Unconventional Christmas Series, That Will Impact How We Live Out Each Day Of The New Year

Conclusion of a thought provoking study on Titus chapter 2. It’s an unconventional Christmas series, that has profound impact on how we live out each day.

Discover The Way God’s Grace Blesses Our Lives Every Single Day

God’s gift of grace does more than give us peace about our past, and hope for our future. It changes the way we live today. Let's take a look at Titus chapter 2 and see how God grace blesses our lives.