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How to see God’s goodness through the cracks of our family relationships

Maybe your family portrait isn’t what you thought it would be. And even when we try to touch up the picture of our home life, the flaws still show through. We’re talking about “The Beauty of Broken.”

Why “Lord, have mercy” should be our daily request

What is the one thing you ask God for the most? Protection for your family? Food on the table? It’s the conclusion of a study on “The Mercy Prayer.”

Why God’s mercy is meant to flow from our lives into the lives of others

A fresh water spring cannot quench our thirst if it accumulates in one spot. Instead it stagnates. And the same goes for God’s mercy.

Discover the two probing questions Jesus asked of those looking for mercy

Jesus wants to shower you with His mercy. But first, He has some questions for you to answer. The two probing questions that Jesus asked of those looking for mercy reveal our faith and trust!

A Helpful Discussion On Living Out Your Faith

For some, the Christian life is a long, exhausting to-do list, for others, it’s a walk in the park, with no additional effort needed. So how do we find a balance?

Finding The Balance Between Faith And Works

What does the spiritual life look like? Is it a list of rules and regulations? Is it total freedom to say and do whatever we please?

The Conclusion Of The Discussion On Creation And Faith

Perhaps you, or someone you love, has questions about the Creator of the universe.

Discover The Connection Between Belief And Evidence

If you believe in God, you see His handiwork when you study the world around you. The intricacies of the human body, the details in a leaf, or the colors of the sunset, shout that Creation was designed with purpose.

Discover How Our Presuppositions Impact Our Belief System

An engaging discussion on how your worldview affects the way you think and interact with those around you.

Discover The Impact The Creator Has On Our Daily Lives

Knowing that God created the world and every living thing in it, makes a huge impact on how we view ourselves and those around us.

Bring Purpose And New Life To Each Day When You Put Your Trust In God

So many people live without purpose. Moving from one day to the next, wondering why they’re here. A fascinating discussion on choosing to trust God with your life.

Can We Have Both Faith, And A Belief In Science?

Discover how faith and science are intricately connected through the God who created the universe.

A Fascinating Discussion On The Creator Of The Universe

If you look closely at the world around us, at the intricacies of how the human body works, the variety of trees and flowers, it’s clear that someone created the world we live in.

Reflecting On The Complexity Of The World, And The God Who Spoke It Into Being

An artist can’t paint a picture without canvas and color. A carpenter can’t build a house without wood and nails. And yet, God created the entire world and all that’s in it, from nothing!

Let’s Take A Deeper Look At The Theology Of Work

The Bible says we’re to conduct ourselves in the workplace for the glory of God. But what does that really mean? Can doing those mundane tasks in your workday truly be honoring to God?