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The most important thing to consider when making decisions Part 31

Everyone dreads making tough decisions. The options can be daunting, and input from others may cloud the issue.

Looking at the very first Passover to find parallels with Jesus Christ as the ultimate Passover Lamb Part 40

When we read stories in the Old Testament we sometimes forget they’re part of the big picture God laid out over the course of the Bible. An insightful conversation connecting the Old and New Testaments.

Let’s reveal the true hope behind this often misunderstood familiar verse in the Psalms Part 5

It’s not uncommon to hear the Bible quoted in public settings. And sometimes, the Scripture is misused, failing to reflect what the author intended.

How to embrace the life of faith and keep our eyes on Jesus Part 13

Salvation comes the moment we accept the promises of God. But taking that first step of faith isn’t always easy!