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Find Encouragement In Hebrews 12 For Finishing The Race Well

The journey of life isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon! And the race of life requires endurance and perseverance to make it through, no matter what obstacles you face.

Looking To The Psalms For Comfort In Those Overwhelming Moments

When the circumstances of life weigh down on you, it can sometimes feel like too much to bear.

Discover The Hidden Meaning Behind A Familiar Christmas Carol

The familiar Christmas tune, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," is often considered a silly song designed for children to sing. You might be surprised at what the partridge in a pear tree represents!

The Life-changing Message Of Christ

The Bible changes people’s lives, plain and simple. Perhaps you grew up in a Christian home, or you met God later in life. Either way, when you begin to study the Scriptures you’ll find it impacts your life on a daily basis.

Sharing Your Faith In A Culture That Considers Your Beliefs To Be Foolish

It’s not easy sharing your faith with others. Let's look back to ancient history, and help us understand the influence of a person’s worldview. Perhaps you’ve tried to share your faith with a friend but can’t seem to get their attention.

How A Person’s Worldview Influences Their Receptivity To The Gospel

Perhaps you, or someone you love, is having a difficult time accepting the truth of the Scriptures.

God’s Power And Forgiveness Displayed In The Cross

Not everyone has an easy time accepting Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. For some, it’s difficult to embrace God’s ultimate plan. Perhaps you, or someone you love, has a hard time receiving God’s forgiveness.

Look To The Scriptures For Solid Proof Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Some believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was manufactured. A fanciful concept, dreamed up by theologians.

Consider A Make-believe Savior, And The One True Messiah

If you were to imagine a king, a ruler that would come to set our nation free, what would he look like? Would he be wealthy? Have charisma? Be a spokesman who stands up for your rights?

Encouragement To Keep Our Eyes Focused On Our Creator, Not On Our Trials

When you’re surrounded by questions without answers and difficult circumstances but no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s easy to become disillusioned with God.

Practical Examples Of How To Re-engage Ourselves In Our Faith

There are seasons in life that are just plain dull. We get into a routine day in and day out and boredom sets in. Let's examine how this can happen in our walk with God.

Discover What To Do When Uncertainties Seem Overwhelming

Sometimes life brings us more questions than answers! Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a few questions of your own.

Reflect On God’s Promise To Be With Us Even When It Feels Like He’s Distant

God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the ways we think He should. And when He remains silent, it can lead us to a real crisis of faith.

Rediscovering The Trustworthiness Of God

We all have days when everything goes wrong. It’s at those times that we’re tempted to wonder if God really has a plan in mind! Discover how to get through those tough times, when God doesn’t seem to hear your prayers.