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God Is With Us No Matter What Messes We've Made

Living a life of faith doesn’t mean we’ll never make mistakes. No matter how close a relationship with God we enjoy, we are still imperfect human beings. No, a life of faith isn’t perfect, but trusting God to lift us from our failures will deepen our relationship with Him.

A Life Of Faith, Built On Trust In God, Is The Key To Pleasing Our Maker

IDEA: The writer of the letter to the Hebrews deduces from the brief mention of Enoch that he must have been a person who lived by faith.

PURPOSE: To show listeners how the writer to the Hebrews made deductions that led to his conclusion that Enoch was a man of faith.

Practical Help On Cultivating A Personal And Intimate Relationship With God

IDEA: Those who walk with God in any age may experience what Enoch had.

PURPOSE: To help listeners appreciate how much God values our faith.

On the tombstone of Fannie Crosby, the noted hymn writer, it says...

Does Anyone Get To Heaven Without Dying? (part 1)

IDEA: In some ways we can be like Enoch.

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand that it was not in the way that Enoch left the earth but it was his faith that is commended.

What True Faith Entails

Does faith mean we simply acknowledge the existence of God? Or is faith more personal than that? It’s easy to go through the motions of believing in God, but do you REALLY put your complete trust in Him?

Even With The Visual Support In Creation, It Can Still Be Difficult To Believe In God

There are some statements that we make that seem obvious, but as we think about them, they are not obvious at all. For example, in Hebrews 11:6 we read that...

The Difference Between Pleasing God And Satisfying Him

The writer to the Hebrews says, "Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe . . . that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." One person who came to words like these in the Bible lost her faith.

The Substance Of Faith Is Believing God's Promises For The Future

I once heard a story about Paganini, the great violinist. He owned a Stradevarius violin, one of the rarest instruments of its kind. He gave a concert for which the focus of the press was on that violin and not on Paganini. When he came out onto the stage, he held up the violin and cut two of the strings, then played the concert on...

Catch A Glimpse Of God's Point Of View

Often God’s agenda doesn’t match our own. While we are looking in one direction, God’s focus is in another. Let's look at passages in the Bible to help us learn how to bridge the gap.

Scripture That Uncovers The Important Connection Between Faith And Action

Hebrews 11 puts a great emphasis on the faith of Abel, Enoch and Noah. If their faith alone saved them, what is the place of actions in relationship to faith?

God's Desire For An Unparallelled Relationship With You

Do you like to read the biographies of noted Christians? Why are the subjects of these biographies “noted”?

What It Means To Walk With God On The Good Days And The Bad Ones.(1)

Have you ever envied men or women who came to trust Christ out of a life of sin? Why? Do you think if Noah gave his testimony, he could talk about his wild and sinful life?

A Look At The Life Of Abraham Part 1

Have you ever moved to a new location? Did you find it difficult or challenging? God sometimes asks us to make difficult changes in what we depend on for security.

Have A Little Faith In A Big God Makes All The Difference Part 3

What would you say to someone who reads about a man like Abraham in the Bible and understands that Abraham was a person of faith, but dismisses what the Bible says by saying, "I don't have faith like that"?

Abraham And His Faith Part 6

As we look at Abraham and his faith we find that people of faith have flaws. We need to understand that those whom God works with are at best very imperfect people.